Nostalgia Strikes as Nokia Might Bring Back Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 4G models soon

Nostalgia Strikes as Nokia Might Bring Back Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 4G models soon

Reports say HMD Global is trying to bring Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 4G models to the market. According to reports, In Telia, a Swedish Telecom operator’s refreshed list of devices, which will support Wi-Fi calling, the old models of Nokia were spotted. But, the website of Telia is no longer showing these two phones on its listing. 

Nostalgia strikes Nokia lovers

According to the listing, the old model phones such as Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 might be back soon as a revamped version. This brings nostalgia to consumers who loved using the Nokia phones back then in the 2000s. These old model phones have conventional styling with buttons and mini display. These phones were so popular in the period of 2000s. Bringing back these phones would be a great gesture as there are so many fans for these models. These are basic models that had good durability back then. 

Winfuture, a German website has reported that Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 old models were mentioned in Telia with 4G as an added feature. These two old models will be upgraded with the 4F LTE support to make them sustain in the evolving technological world. 

In the listing, no one could find any additional information about the specifications or features of these phones. Even HMD Global couldn’t find any more specifications. The listing now does not have the above-mentioned 2 Nokia models under its list of phones that would support Wi-Fi calling. Nokia phone models including Nokia 2.4, Nokia 8.3, Nokia 8, Nokia 9, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 2720 flip, Nokia 3.4, and Nokia 225 4G were mentioned in the listing. The listing also included phone models from Apple, Huawei, One plus, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many other brands. 

Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300 was originally released in 2006. It came with a two-megapixel camera and was one of the popular phones during that period. It used S40 for OS. 

Nokia 8000 

Nokia 8000 will be based on any Nokia 8000 series models that the company is manufacturing. 

It is speculated that the disappearance of the names of these two models from the Telia listing could be the possibility of any mistake. If Nokia has plans to release Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 revamped version with the 4G feature, it might then, also release many more updates about the two phones.


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