How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone


If you aim to spy on WhatsApp chats, you have come to the right place. In this review, we will tell you about the best possible ways to spy on WhatsApp, guide you how to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone, discuss the most reliable spy tracking tools for this, and even explain to you how to spy on WhatsApp messages for free without app installation. Are you ready to start? Let’s delve in. 

uMobix – Best Way to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without  Target Phone

Are you looking for a free spy monitoring app to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone? Use uMobix. It’s a reliable spy-tracking app that tracks WhatsApp messages and calls on Android and iOS devices. Everything is anonymous so that the device owner will be unaware of the monitoring activities. 

Why Should You Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

Although spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages is unethical, sensitive, and controversial, it can be crucial when open and honest communication fails. So, under what circumstances does the importance of spying on someone’s WhatsApp chat become evident?

  • Parental Control

Children have become so addicted to their cell phones that they have even replaced open and live communication with their coevals – no more walks in the park, playing football in the stadium, or engaging in face-to-face interactions. All these “old-fashioned” things have taken a backseat, making parental control apps a proactive measure for safeguarding their well-being in the virtual realm. Parents use a WhatsApp spy app to protect their kids from getting into potential trouble, such as cyberbullying, online threats, accessing inappropriate or adult content, or contact with potential predators. 

  • Employee Monitoring 

If you are a business owner, protecting your company from possible data leaks is one of the main goals you must care about. Using WhatsApp trackers may be helpful to ensure your staff’s productivity, security, and compliance within your organization. These tools are particularly effective in identifying insider threats, preventing unauthorized sharing of confidential data, and ensuring responsible use of company-provided devices. Businesses can foster a productive and ethical work environment by employing tracking apps to spy WhatsApp messages.

  • Revealing Infidelity 

Have you noticed concerning changes in your partner’s behavior? Or do you have any concerns concerning your spouse’s infidelity? Many turn to WhatsApp for connections and affairs, causing relationship issues, which can lead to divorce or a break in relationships. Regardless of the reason, you can discover incriminating messages, calls, or multimedia files that support your suspicions by monitoring your partner’s WhatsApp activity.

How Can You Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

Despite offering a secure end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is still vulnerable to being accessed without target phone online or having hacking knowledge. So, what are the most popular ways hackers spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone?

Access WhatsApp Account

If hackers find out your WhatsApp login credentials, they will use them to access your DMs and impersonate you to friends for fraudulent activities like borrowing money or soliciting donations. Therefore, you must use a strong and unique password for your WhatsApp account because if it is leaked, someone can use it to get into your other online and financial accounts.

Use “Linked Devices” Feature

WhatsApp lets users connect up to 4 devices to your account simultaneously. So, thanks to WhatsApp’s “Linked Devices” feature, you can access WhatsApp on any device. What should you do about this?

  1. Take your phone, uninstall, and reinstall WhatsApp. 
  2. Open the app, tap the dots icon, and choose “Link a device.”
  3. It will display a QR code on the screen. Do not close it yet.
  1. Take the target cell phone whose WhatsApp conversations you want to synchronize on your phone and repeat steps 1-3 mentioned above.
  2. Scan a QR code displayed on your cell phone.
  3. Accept and read the user’s WhatsApp account text messages. 

Apply Special WhatsApp Spyware

Using special tracking apps is one of the most effective and reliable ways to spy on WhatsApp messages without them knowing. Once installed on the target cell phone or a tablet, these WhatsApp spy apps grant access to entire chat histories, incoming and outgoing calls, contacts, calendars, shared photos and videos, and more. 

Best Apps to Spy on WhatsApp Text Messages

And now, finally, we have moved to the most important part of this review discussing the best tracking apps to spy on WhatsApp that provide high-security levels, precise tracking results, and absolute anonymity. We won’t drag this out. Here’s the list of the best apps for WhatsApp monitoring.

uMobix Excellent Spy Tracking Tool with High-Security Level

uMobix is a universal cell phone tracker compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once installed on the target cell phone, uMobix provides remote access to WhatsApp sent and received direct messages, contacts, and chat names with an accurate timestamp. 

The person won’t know that you are reading their text messages, as the app operates in stealth mode and securely accesses those messages and sends them using its advanced algorithms directly to your user space, where you can open and read them whenever it’s comfortable and necessary for you. 


  • Tracking other popular social media apps on iPhone and Android cell phones: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Line, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, Hangouts, Kik, TikTok, Zoom, and Tinder.
  • The app offers GPS location tracking.
  • Additional features include a keylogger, video/audio streaming, browser history viewing, access to the contact book, and retrieval of deleted text messages.
  • Remote app control is also available.
  • Users can explore the app’s functionality as the app offers a free trial.

How to use the uMobix app to spy on WhatsApp? You will need physical access to the target device to install the tool. Take  5-10 minutes to install it.

  1. Visit the uMobix website and create an account. 
  2. Choose the OS of the target device you want to track. 
  3. Select a preferred subscription plan and proceed with the purchase.
  4. Check your email for a derailed app installation.
  5. Once installed on the target phone, you can immediately start tracking their WhatsApp activities and not only.

Cocospy Great Online Tracking App for iPhones

Cocospy is the app that allows users to “spy on WhatsApp without being detected”. Like uMobix, Cocospy is compatible with iOS and Android devices and works without jailbreaking or rooting. 

When installing Cocospy on Android devices is a must, it is not compulsory for iPhones and iPads, requiring you to know only their iCloud credentials. This WhatsApp spy app is a web-based tool for iPhone, so it’s impossible to detect. The Android version is also highly stealthy. It can be hidden and run in the background without using many system resources.


  • SMS and call tracker.
  • Ability to detect the person’s real-time position, use geofencing, and set alerts when the person enters restricted areas.
  • Tracking web history and SIM location.
  • Monitoring of installed app on the target mobile phone.
  • Tracking over 15 social media and almost every instant messaging app.

xMobi Excellent Spyware to Access WhatsApp Messages from Android

xMobi’s WhatsApp tracker offers a discreet way to monitor your loved ones’ WhatsApp usage while respecting their privacy. The application’s primary goal is real-time tracking of chats, multimedia files, and WhatsApp call logs. Using this WhatsApp spy tool, you can check the person’s last online status and receive notifications whenever they come online. You can spy on WhatsApp DMs and view deleted messages, shared media files, and WhatsApp contacts. 


  • Access to the target device sent, received, or deleted SMS.
  • Real-time location tracking with timestamps.
  • Access to DMs sent via social media and instant messaging apps.
  • Viewing media files stored on the target cell phone, access to browser history, and bookmarks.
  • Ability to view all the keystrokes from the target Android device.

XNSPY WhatsApp Tracker for Android and iOS Devices

The XNSPY WhatsApp spy app is advertised as “the best cell phone monitoring software by Entrepreneur, Engadget, and many more”. The devs claim that with the WhatsApp monitoring feature, which is available for Android and iPhone, the XNSPY app allows you to track a person’s entire WhatsApp activity. 

The app allows one to remotely monitor WhatsApp DMs, group chats, and all shared photos on the monitored device. Not just that, the app also lets you spy on WhatsApp remotely and see all their messages, calls, and media on their phone or tablet. It even gives you details like sender names and numbers, plus when each message was sent – so you get a clear picture of what’s happening on their WhatsApp. 


  • After you download XNSPY on the target device, you will access their phone contacts and SMS/MMS text messages, videos, call logs and photos.
  • WiFi monitoring and browser history checking.
  • Tracking activities on various social media platforms.
  • Instant round-the-clock alerts.
  • Ability to send remote commands.
  • GPS tracking and geofencing.
  • Keylogger, app blocking, screen, and phone call recording.

mSpy Best WhatsApp Tracking Tool for iPhone 

mSpy is an excellent WhatsApp spy software for parental control, that helps your “child avoid dangerous interactions and toxic connections online”. Using this app for WhatsApp monitoring, you can track call history by finding out who calls your kid on WhatsApp, monitor outgoing and incoming WhatsApp calls, and give details like timestamps and call duration. 

You have full access to their WhatsApp call messages history and shared media files with other WhatsApp users. Remember that for iOS monitoring, the target phone may be non-jailbroken. However, more features are accessible if it is jailbroken. As for Android devices, rooting with V4.0 is compulsory. 


  • IMs monitoring, keylogging, and geo-fencing.
  • Access to call history and text messages, including those that were deleted. 
  • Social media app tracking.
  • Access to calendar events, videos, and photos stored on the device.
  • Keylogging and WiFi network checking.
  • Ability to check the installed apps on the device. 
  • Geolocation tracking with geofencing, screen recorder, and access to browser history.
  • Remote device control: blocking WiFi, websites, and apps.  

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Installing on Target Phone Free?

Using the abovementioned apps is the easiest and fastest way to access someone’s WhatsApp messages anonymously. But what if app installation is not what you want? Here are a few alternative solutions for you to spy on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Web Access WhatsApp Text Messages from PC

Did you know that using WhatsApp web is one of the most popular ways to access other people’s WhatsApp messages without installing on target phone? And you should not be a hacker to do that. All you need to do is to live under the same roof as your victim. Ask them politely to let you use their cell phone, for example, to make a call. You must use the WhatsApp app on the person’s smartphone to take a photo of the WhatsApp QR code. 

Once done, you can access their WhatsApp history using your Windows or Mac OS PC. Juicy details keep coming in as the WhatsApp chat updates whenever the victim’s phone connects to the home WiFi.

iCloud Fast Way to Back up User’s WhatsApp Data 

The other way to access WhatsApp messages is with the help of iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service. It offers a secure means to monitor a device, creating a safer digital space. iCloud empowers users to back up WhatsApp data effortlessly, review message history, and customize settings. 

You can use iCloud to back up WhatsApp data from the device, view message history, and manage settings. However, always ensure access to information ethically, respect other people’s privacy, and get proper consent.


WhatsApp tracking apps, like uMobix, are valuable for tracking the online activities of your children, friends, colleagues, and loved ones due to their rich features. It works in stealth mode so the target person won’t know about WhatsApp spying. Safety and security for both parties are guaranteed. However, despite the abovementioned tool’s benefits, it is crucial to use it responsibly and ethically, respecting other’s privacy.

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