Did Gracie Leave According To Jim?

Did Gracie Leave According To Jim?

Gracie, portrayed by actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, played the role of Jim’s wife in the sitcom “According to Jim.” She appeared as a stay-at-home mom, often dealing with Jim’s antics while still having love for him.

Surprisingly, Gracie didn’t appear in the sixth season of the show and the reasons behind her absence were not explained. Viewers were left wondering about the departure of this beloved character. 

In the seventh season premiere, it was unveiled that Gracie had left Jim, taking their daughter Ruby with her. However, the exact circumstances surrounding her departure remain unclear and it has left fans with lingering questions about the sudden shift in the show. To know more about Gracie’s exit from the show, you should read the post below.

Why Did Gracie Leave According To Jim?

Many viewers were left with big questions about Gracie’s departure from “According to Jim.” The first puzzler is why she left. Was it because of Jim’s silly behavior, or was it something else? The show didn’t give a clear answer, making viewers guess.

Then there’s the mystery of where Gracie went after leaving Jim. Did she move somewhere else, or was she just not shown on the screen for the rest of the show?

The last question is about whether Gracie and Jim ever patched things up. The show ended with Jim still not in a relationship, hinting that they didn’t get back together. But it’s possible they made up off-screen, and the show didn’t tell us about it.

Gracie’s exit was a big deal in “According to Jim,” leaving fans curious about what happened to her. While some details were explained, many questions are still without answers. Whether these mysteries will ever be solved is something we will have to wait and see.

Things To Know About According To Jim

Here are some things you should know about the show “According to Jim.”

  • Almost Getting Cancelled 

Even though “According to Jim” was a big hit for many seasons, it almost got canceled in 2007. That year ABC said they wouldn’t renew the show which left the fans worried. 

Luckily, just a month later, ABC worked out a deal, and the show got renewed for a seventh season with eighteen episodes.

  • Kimberly’s Departure 

Kimberly Williams-Paisley played a key role as Jim’s sister-in-law, Dana, for most of the series. Sadly, after the show got renewed for an eighth season, she decided not to continue as a main character and became a special guest instead. Paisley explained that she quit the show to focus on her family.

  • The Last Name Mystery

Throughout the show, last names were not a big deal. Guest characters had first and last names, but lead characters didn’t until season four. That’s when Kimberly Williams-Paisley’s character, Dana, married Dr. Ryan Gibson, played by Mitch Rouse. She became Dana Gibson, making her the first main character with a last name.

“According to Jim” had been a favorite for many. But the show took a significant turn with Gracie’s absence, resulting in speculation. However, it’s still not clear why she quit the show and whether she will come back.

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