Google Pixel Watch 3 Leak Suggests Imminent Launch with Upgrades


Rumors are swirling as tech enthusiasts eagerly wait for the unveiling of Google’s much-awaited wearable, the Google Pixel Watch 3. Recent findings on certification platforms suggest that its launch is just around the corner, leaving fans excited about the potential upgrades and enhancements the new device could bring compared to the Pixel Watch 2.

Tech enthusiasts over at have uncovered some intriguing leaks on certification sites such as Safety Korea and Dekra, highlighting what to expect from the upcoming Pixel Watch 3. 

Google Pixel Watch 3

The wearable which is known as G1QME, is said to feature a slightly larger 307mAh battery than the previous model Pixel Watch 2’s 304mAh. This suggests that Google is committed to enhancing its wearable offerings, evident in the gradual battery improvements seen with each new generation.

Earlier speculations suggested a notable change in size options for the Pixel Watch 3. Unlike earlier models that came in just one size, it’s rumored that the upcoming smartwatch will offer users two size options. This shift will not only accommodate a wider range of wrist sizes and preferences but also make the wearable appealing to a broader range of consumers.

While details about the Pixel Watch 3 remain scarce, insiders in the industry expect its official introduction later this year. Chances are it could coincide with the release of the Pixel 9 series. With promises of enhanced user experience and functionality, Google aims to once again conquer the wearable market with its advanced offering.

Looking back at the features of the Pixel Watch 2, the device boasts a 1.2-inch AMOLED display powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Plus Gen 1 chipset. The device operated on WearOS 4. Despite having just a 304mAh battery, the Pixel Watch 2 maintains 24-hour battery life, even when the always-on display option is active.

Additionally, the Pixel Watch 2 integrates advanced health monitoring features from Fitbit. It offered a comprehensive array of features including stress management tools, a multi-path heart rate sensor, fall detection, a skin temperature sensor, and body response tracking. As anticipation mounts for the Pixel Watch 3, enthusiasts eagerly await Google’s official unveiling to learn more about its features, specifications, and official release date.

Google’s Pixel Watches are attractive wearables. The upcoming Pixel Watch 3 is expected to have more features and a better design than the previously launched models. To be fair, Google manages to outdo itself with each launch.

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