Meta to Discontinue Facebook News Tab – Know Why

Meta to Discontinue Facebook News Tab – Know Why

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced plans to discontinue the Facebook News tab. This marks a significant shift in its approach to news and political content. The decision is set to take effect in early April and is expected to impact users in Australia and the United States, as the social media giant further reduces its focus on politics and news. This move follows the shutdown of the feature in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom last year.

The Facebook News tab was first launched in 2019 and served as a curated collection of headlines sourced from both international and national news organizations. It also sourced news from local publications.

Meta to Discontinue Facebook News Tab

While Meta reassures users that they will still have access to news articles through links, the removal of the News tab signifies a broader effort by the platform to reduce its emphasis on political and news discourse. Despite the discontinuation of the News tab, news organizations will retain the ability to promote and post their websites and stories, similar to any other organization or individual on the platform.

The decision aligns with Meta’s ongoing efforts to address concerns over misinformation and political polarization. A spokesperson for Meta Dani Lever clarified that the change primarily affects the system’s recommendations, rather than impacting posts from accounts users choose to follow. He also emphasized that users will still have control over the content they engage with, reflecting Meta’s commitment to respond to user preferences and feedback.

According to the director of the Tech Policy Institute at the Cornell Brooks School of Public Policy Sarah Kreps, Facebook’s evolution from a tech-centric company to a political player was not expected. 

With the arrival of significant elections this year, Kreps suggests that Facebook is distancing itself from political entanglements to avoid becoming a political focal point. This move aims to prevent the social media giant from becoming headline news in the political sphere.

Poynter’s media analyst Rick Edmonds, said that the discontinuation of the News tab comes as no shock to news outlets. These organizations have witnessed a decline in website traffic originating from Facebook over the past few years.

Meta asserts that the discontinuation of the News tab will not affect its fact-checking efforts or its commitment to combatting misinformation. The decision underlines Meta’s changing approach to political content moderation and its dedication to creating a safer and more informed online environment.

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