Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Spoilers, Release Date, and Recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67

Son Goku is battling with Moro while he is trying to consume the ground to catch the Saiya. He gave him the chance to go to prison to repent for his sins. However, Moro denies it after facing the power of Sensu Beans.

Vegeta, Piccolo, Dende, Gohan, and the androids are watching Moro and Goku fighting from a distance. Meanwhile, Dende says that asks what is happening on the planet.

Gohan starts feeling pain all over his body. Moro has turned into a giant monster that starts emerging from the ground. He is overpowering Goku with his powerful punches. Moro is so much involved in the fight that his body has become one with the planet. However, Goku can sense his movement.

With Moro turning into a monster, Goku has nowhere to escape. He is unable to figure out the real Moro as he is emerging everywhere in the ground. Whis takes Krulen, Jaco, and Berus to some place safe away from the battleground. He uses his canon shield to teleport them to a different place.

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Release Date of Chapter 67 

Fans are eagerly waiting for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67. The good news is that Chapter 67 is scheduled to be released on 20th December 2020. 

The spoilers of the upcoming chapter are yet to be released. Dragon Ball Super manga chapters are released only once a month.

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Recap of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Spoilers

Berus needs help as he cannot afford to lose earth. He also reveals that things are going to turn ugly for him if he lets the earth gets destroyed. Whis says that he has bad news for Berus.

Berus then asks him about the terrible news and he says that Nearus has been summoned by the Grand Priest. 

Whis told Goku that to defeat Moro he needs to crush the crystal in his forehead and release Merus’ power. He also informed Goku that he has acquired the divine power. If he doesn’t do it properly, the earth can get destroyed along with Moro. 

Berus tells Goku that he must save the Earth and then vanishes. Vegeta takes the form of Super Saiyan and starts punching Moro.

Vegeta yells at Kakarrot to destroy Moro’s crystal. Piccalo asks Vegeta to perform spirit fusion in reverse. 

Majin Boo and Uub appears and starts helping Goku by giving their powers to him. Goku gets his strength back takes the Ultra Instinct form and blows Moro with his final Kamehamehaa attack. Moro gets defeated.

You can read Dragon Ball Super manga on Shueisha’s Manga and VIZ Media official platforms.

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