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Internet gas made everything easy for us. Be it watching movies or listening to songs, people no longer need to reply to television to listen to their favourite songs. Several websites have come up to allow people to download music of different kinds. Bestwap is one such website that allows you to both listen online and download different kinds of music in various languages along with much other content as well. It is free to download music from this website and you just need a good internet connection to download the songs or videos you want. 

What is the site?

You must have come across the name of this website if you like downloading movies and music from the internet. There might be too many sites that provide you options to download music but not all of them ensure the high quality of music. Bestwap is one of the most reputed websites which allows you to download music directly to your device from the internet. 

Initially, this site only featured music but now it is known to feature a lot of other content like movies, themes, wallpapers, games, ringtones, etc. There are a lot of positive aspects of this website that make it so popular amongst the users. It consists of very few or almost no advertisements to disturb your music streaming or downloading session. There are many other things about this website that attracts more and more users. Read below to know more about Bestwap. 

Features of Bestwap: 

Below we are sharing some of the best features of the site, which helps you navigate the site better and use it more efficiently. 

  • User friendly 

The website is very friendly to the users as far as stated by the users. It can be used literally by anyone without much technical know-how. The format used by this website is still the older one which is very simple just with a search bar located on top of the webpage. The songs that you want to download need to be searched for using the search bar. The webpage automatically gets refreshed to press all the search results to you. The quality in which you can download a song remains very high as well. 

  • Huge content 

This website features a lot of content that is free to watch. It has a wide library that gets updated on day to day basis when a new song is released. Songs from different films can also be found on this website. The overall music collection includes old songs from the 90s, 80s, and 70s as well as the most newly released songs. 

  • Various languages 

This website targets primarily the need of Indian people but it features songs in so many different languages that it becomes tough for the users to keep track. Since all the users have different tastes in music and it promises to meet the needs of all users. Hence, you can find songs on this website in almost all languages including Punjabi, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Marathi, and a lot more regional languages. 

  • Virus-free 

In general, the websites which allow you to download music for free are known to have viruses and malware. But, Bestwap is assured to be free from any kind of malware. This makes sure that by using this website, no harm is caused to your device or the data stored on it, both directly or indirectly. 

  • No Registration Needed 

You don’t need to get registered on this website to access its content. The entire content offered on this website is completely free to stream or download. You just need to visit the homepage of the website and make sure to have an active internet connection to download songs or any other content from this website. 

These are some of the vital features of this website that must be taken into consideration before you start using it. There are many more features of Bestwap to know about but you Red to start using the website to know more about them in detail. 

Categories offered on Bestwap 

One of the most important reasons why people use this website is because it offers a huge collection of content. The content of this website is classified under different categories which are enlisted below, so take a look below: 

  • Movies 

This category consists of different kinds of movies from a variety of genres. These movies are in different languages. 

  • Ringtones 

Under this category, you can find ringtones of different kinds. These ringtones can be downloaded in different qualities. 

  • Mp3 songs

In this category, you can find all kinds of songs in Mp3 format. The sing collection is huge which includes Hindi songs, English songs, Punjabi songs, Bhojpuri songs, etc. 

  • Wallpapers 

This category provides you with a plethora of options you can choose for your phone wallpaper. These wallpapers are very unique and indifferent which you can’t be found commonly on any other site at random. 

  • Themes 

This category allows you to find a variety of themes for your mobile phone or laptop. These themes are available in very good quality and can be downloaded very easily as well. You can choose your desired theme and download it from this website to set it on your device.

These are just a few out of so many categories that are offered on Bestwap. To know about more categories that are offered on this website, you can use this website and browse through the different categories that are offered here. 

How to download?

It is very easy to download music from this platform. The website works so efficiently that it has been regarded as one of the best sites for downloading music across the internet. For downloading music from this website, you just need to follow these simple steps: 

  • Open your browser and type Bestwap to start the search. You will be directed to the page which shows search results. Click on the first option. 
  • Then, you will be taken to the homepage of the website. Find out the search bar located at the top of the screen and enter the name Bestwap. 
  • Click on the search bar and input the name of the song you want to search for. In just a few seconds, you will find the song that you want to search for. 
  • Once the search is complete, you can find download options beside every song. 
  • You just need to click on the download option so the download starts. 
  • After the download finishes, you just need to save the file to any folder on your device.

These are the steps that you need to follow for downloading songs from this website. 

Alternatives of Bestwap: 

Several websites offer you to download movies and music but the majority of them are paid platforms that can also function if you have a subscription. The reason why people usually switch to sites like Bestwap is that these sites help you to download the music directly to your device and not just on any application like many of the paid applications. Take a look at some of the best alternatives of Bestwap: 

  1. Downloadhub
  2. Mp3skull
  3. Mp3juices
  4. Amazon music 
  5. Wynn music
  7. Sound Cloud 
  8. Jamendo music 
  9. Jio music
  10. SoundClick 

Mentioned above are some of the most sought-after alternatives of Bestwap that you can use. So, give them a try next time. 


1. Is the music quality on Bestwap good?

The quality of music offered on Bestwap is quite high in comparison to other websites of this kind. Any song including old songs can be downloaded in 320 kbps which is very good to consider.

2. Does the website contain any malware?

The website is completely free of malware and virus. You might come across a few ads while using it. However, you can use an ad blocker to get rid of these repetitive ads.

3. What makes Bestwap so popular amongst others?

There are a lot of things about Bestwap which make it popular amongst others. This includes a huge variety of sounds, fast downloads, etc. 

4. Are all the above-mentioned alternatives free to use?

Most of the alternatives mentioned above are free to use. But, a few of them are freemium as they offer limited access to their content without a subscription. 

5. Name some of the music genres that can be found on this website.

Some of the commonly found music genres on this website are devotional songs, pop, rap, afro, afro-pop, etc. 


Bestwap is an exceptionally good website that allows you to download high-quality songs and videos for free. There are many features offered by this website that prove its straightforward layout and design. You can find a wide range of music collections along with videos on this website. It is also free from viruses and malware which makes sure that using this website doesn’t cause a threat to your device in any way. You can access this website very easily and download songs or videos of your choice. Once you start using this website, you are not going to feel like giving up because of its endless content. 


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