Covid Vaccine Certificate Download @ by Mobile Number

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

The Coronavirus has altered everyone’s life in the worst way possible. The direct target of the covid-19 virus is the respiratory system, which has a range of severity from mild to fatal. One of the major symptoms which are directly linked to the affection of covid-19 is the common cold. This virus is the largest type of RNA virus, it is caused by an infection that affects the respiratory system. This virus can also cause many respiratory infections including pneumonia and has an incubation of around 14 days. It will take about 5 to 6 days for symptoms to be visible, but in some cases, it can also take 14 days, while some can be affected but will not show any symptoms at all.

Symptoms Of Covid-19

Covid-19 and its major symptoms can be mild as well as fatal too. Other visible symptoms linked to this particular virus are high fever, swollen adenoids, and sore throat. In many such cases, it has been seen that covid-19 can also offer bronchitis and pneumonia to the infected patient. This virus affects everyone differently and those who have mild to moderate illnesses can recover without being admitted to a hospital. Here is a list of symptoms that occurs:

  • Common Symptoms
  1. Cough
  2. Tiredness
  3. Severe fever
  4. Loss of smell or taste, sometimes both
  • Less Common Symptoms
  1. Headache
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Rash on skin
  4. Discoloration of fingers or toes
  5. Several aches and pains
  6. Sore throat
  7. Irritated or red eye
  • Serious Symptoms
  1. Shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing
  2. Confusion, loss of mobility, or speech
  3. Severe chest pain

Treatment and prevention

As soon as this virus came into the limelight, scientists and doctors all around the world started to work efficiently to develop any permanent cure for this dreadfulness. Various vaccines were curated with the use of different methods in different countries, looking at the severeness and spreading ability of the virus. The process of developing drugs is still in movement.

Several covid-19 vaccines such as Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, generally use RNAs to stimulate a human response. Some of the internationally authorized covid-19 vaccines are Oxford’s AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Covishield, and Covaxin.

Some of the basic norms which have been put forward by the government and also worldwide to get prevented from these dreadful viruses are as follows:

  1. Whenever one goes out in public, wearing a mask is a compulsory aspect.
  2. Maintaining a good safe distance from people in the crowd is a must.
  3. It is advisable to not stay in a closed room, and rather opt for open spaces.
  4. Whenever one is experiencing a cough or sneeze, it is better to cover their mouth and nose with a bent elbow or a napkin/tissue.
  5. Staying at home if feeling unwell, is one point that should be kept in mind.

Covid Vaccine Certificate

A covid vaccine certificate is one such document that people receive when they have received their covid-19 vaccine. It comprises the data which states all the necessary and basic details of the person, and also about the vaccine one has taken. With the location of the recipient to the information regarding the first and second shot, it has it all. It is considered as a very crucial and required document in today’s time as it is an important aspect to show it to the required sites such as educational institutions, to board a train or flight, workplaces, or while crossing any international border.

Talking basically about India, a person can get their vaccination certificate after getting vaccinated in either a paper format, but can also download it digitally through a reputed Indian portal, namely CoWIN. Another such portal that is developed by India is the Arogya Setu app, which gives both the provisional certificate after the first dose and the final one after the second. For people who are travelling abroad for whatever reason, it has a section where they can even attach the link to their passport.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download by Mobile Number

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download by Mobile Number

The vaccination certificate of covid-19 can be directly downloaded from the CoWIN portal by its website. In the segment below, we will discuss the ways and steps in which one can download it in easy steps.

  1. The first step is to visit the original site of CoWIN that is
  2. You will see a patch where it has been written Sign In/Register. Click there.
  3. While signing in, please input your valid mobile phone number which is in use.
  4. You will get an OTP in your phone which has to be entered in the sign-in panel.
  5. Put the acquired OTP as it is, you will be taken ahead to the certificate section which has it all.
  6. Below the digital certificate segment, there will be a download tab, from where you can download it directly.

Other Applications for Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

CoWIN is one portal of the Indian Government to download vaccination certificates, but there are also certain applications that do the needful, and which are Indian based. For example, Arogya Setu app, Digilocker app, and Umang app.

By downloading these particular apps, one can download their final certificate from their direction. Below here we will also discuss the easier steps to download from these applications as well.

Steps To Download Covid Vaccine Certificate From Arogya Setu App

Download Covid Vaccine Certificate From Arogya Setu App

Arogya Setu is basically a mobile app that is developed in order to trace contacts of covid-19 among Indian citizens, as well as also helps in mapping the syndromes. The features of this particular application include self-assessment, the status of the user, covid-19 updates, and also to download vaccination certificates.

Here are the steps for the installation of the covid-19 certificate from the Arogya Setu app.

  1. Download the Arogya Setu app from google play store, if android, or apple play store, if ios.
  2. You will see a tab below which states login. Tap that bottom.
  3. Enter your mobile number and click on the cowin tab at the topmost panel.
  4. You will see a vaccination certificate option present over there.
  5. Click it and enter your 13 digit beneficiary reference ID.
  6. It is done and you can download the vaccination certificate by tapping on the download button.

Steps To Download Covid Vaccine Certificate From Digilocker App

Digilocker is one such Indian app that gives out access to every Aadhar cardholder their digitized documents and certificates as it is. Say it is a license, mark sheet of a student, registration slip of vehicle, or any other certificate in its digital format.

Talking about the covid-19 vaccination certificate, one can also download it from Digilocker. Below mentioned are the steps to download it.

  1. Download the Digiloacker app from the play store, if you are not having already, or else update it.
  2. You will be redirected to a panel that shows the registration process. Kindly fill up the details in a precise manner.
  3. Enter your name, birth date, gender, valid mobile phone number, security pin, and Aadhar card number.
  4. After the fulfillment of the registration process, go to the tab which says the central government.
  5. There will be an option of the Ministry of Family Health and Welfare ( MoFHW), click on it.
  6. A newer tab will appear on the screen with a label of “vaccine certified”.
  7. Click on that link that says vaccine certificate, and enter your 13 digit reference code over there.
  8. Your covid-19 vaccine is thereby downloaded.

Steps To Download Covid Vaccine Certificate From Umang App

Download Covid Vaccine Certificate From Umang App

Umang is an Indian application that has been developed by looking up to the digitized initiative of India. It is a mobile app that normally supports 13 different Indian languages and is widely supported in Android, iOS, and also Windows. The main motive and aim of this application is to offer Indian citizens services like registration, information search, payments, and to apply for any kind of form.

Covid-19 vaccine certificate also lies in the arena of the Umang app, and people can download it easily for this one. Below are the discussed steps to download the vaccination certificate.

  1. Umang is not a complicated app to process. Firstly, you just have to download it from the play store, in order to download your covid vaccine certificate.
  2. Open the application and move to the segment which states “What’s New”.
  3. By coming inside that tab, you will find an option of “CoWIN” written at the bottom. Tap that.
  4. Tap on the coWIN bar and you will get another tab of download vaccination certificates present over there.
  5. Enter your valid cell phone number which is in use.
  6. You will get an OTP on that number, which has to be entered later in the list.
  7. You will be asked to confirm your beneficiary name. Do that.
  8. It is done and henceforth you can download your covid vaccination certificate right from there.


Covid-19 has spread like a wildfire and it is a very important duty which is more of a personal basis to take care of one’s health in any possible way. One of the major ways is getting vaccinated. And therefore, it is advisable with heavy words to be more and more precautious and get vaccinated as soon as possible. There should be no chance of leniency as such.

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