Citrus Season 2 – Cast, Plot, Release Date Updates, And Much More

Citrus Season 2 - Cast, Plot, Release Date

Mangaka Saburouta Uta wrote and drew Citrus. It has been 3 years since Mei and Yuzu’s lovely love tale first aired on anime. This manga was first serialized in 2012, and it was turned into an anime in January 2018. Citrus is a prominent yuri anime that gained a lot of attention quickly after it was released. Audiences have conflicting feelings about it; some adore it, while others despise it. Citrus, on the other hand, featured a conclusion that piqued viewers’ interest in seeing Mei and Yuzu as a pair. Why hasn’t there been a second season of Citrus yet? Is it going to be released? To find out, keep reading.

What Is Citrus Series About?

Citrus, a Japanese manga series, premiered in 2012. In January 2018, the anime adaptation was released. Even though Citrus Season 2 has yet to be announced, there are several options for a future season. Just 4 editions of the manga series were adapted in Season 1. Volume 5 can be used to begin Season 2. However, Citrus Season 2 has yet to be renewed, even though the fact that it has been two years. The latest episode has yet to be announced by Studio Passione. Despite its popularity among fans and followers of a certain age group, the animated series has had low ratings from the general public. We may thank the explicit sequences for the low rating and negative ratings on IMDB and Myanimelist. Low audience ratings may dissuade the studio from releasing a new season.

Furthermore, Studio Passione is well-known for directing only one anime adaptation season. So it’d be understandable if we only got Season 1 of Citrus. Audiences should not give up hope, as the studio may decide to continue the show for a second season. Some other production firms may choose the series for a second installment. As a result, our best assumption is that Citrus Season 2 will arrive after 2022. There’s a chance, but only if there’s a market for committed enthusiasts.

Will Citrus Get Renewed For A Second Season? 

Nether studio Passione, manga publication Ichijinsha, nor any related company had extended the anime’s 2nd season as of the time of writing. So yet, no cancellations have been announced. Seasons back, a new season of anime is released, which can take anywhere from 5 to 6 years in certain situations. During this point, we can only speculate on the possibility of the upcoming season and its release date. Certain important factors, such as source material, popularity, and sales, must be considered while determining the possibility of a second season.

Release Date Of The Second Season Of Citrus

The launch date for season 2 of Citrus is still to be confirmed. It will be delivered in the summer of 2022, but no later than that. The first season came out 3 years ago, and the creators don’t generally wait that long between seasons. Citrus had a mixed response from the general public, with numerous negative remarks. Studio Passione, the studio in dispute, is also comprehended for making one-season anime, which increases the probability that the anime will not be renewed for season 2. If enough people show interest in the anime, it may be renewed.

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What Source Materials Are Available For The Second Season?

Series one ended with the fourth edition of both the original manga, allowing the second season to pick up right where the first left off. This initial anime series, which has a total of ten volumes, has six more volumes to be discovered. Citrus’ original anime manga finished in October 2018, however, the popular Japanese character Yuri now has new source material.

In November of this year, mangaka Saburouta released Citrus Plus, a turn manga series. Citrus Plus proved to be a huge hit! Fans are hopeful that a 2nd season of the anime version may be published in the future, thanks to the abundance of primary sources accessible.

Nevertheless, audiences ought to be aware that translations are usually developed in order to increase leads and revenue for the original story. Although developing anime versions can be a fantastic method to promote revenue for a comic strip book series, it can be highly costly. As a consequence, before opting to air a new anime series, producers usually take a series of smart decisions. Therefore, high fan demand is often a terrific reason to take a chance. Consider the films One-Punch Man and Full Metal Panic.

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The Cast Of Citrus Season 2 


  • Ayana Taketatsu portrays Yuzu Aihara in the anime.

Ayana Taketatsu

  • Minami Tsuda plays the character of Mei Aihara.

Minami Tsuda

  • Shiori Izawa represents Matsuri Mizusawa in the anime.

Shiori Izawa

  • Yukiyo Fujii appears to be playing Harumi Taniguchi.

Yukiyo Fujii


  • In the anime Citrus, Mei Aihara plays the deuteragonist. She is the Student Council president, the daughter of Sho Aihara, Ume Aihara’s stepdaughter, and Yuzu Aihara’s younger stepsister/wife.
  • Yuzu Aihara is the main character of the Citrus anime. She is Sho Aihara’s stepdaughter, Ume Aihara’s biological daughter, and Mei Aihara’s older stepsister/wife.
  • Matsuri Mizusawa is Inori’s elder sister and a former junior high student who initially appears as an adversary but later becomes a prominent character in the series.
  • Harumi Taniguchi is Mitsuko Taniguchi’s younger sister and Yuzu Aihara’s best friend.

The team behind the scenes 

  • Takeo Takahashi is the director.
  • Naoki Hayashi is the author of Series Composition.
  • Saburouta is the original creator.
  • Izuro Ijuuin created the character design.
  • Passione is the name of the studio.

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The Plot Of Citrus Season 2

Citrus series has a compelling, if controversial, story. It depicts the spirit of Yuzu and Mei, 2 girls who met at a girl’s institution and fell out of love. They initially met just like strangers, and find out later that they are step-sisters. Yuzu and Mei’s romance is riddled with love triangles and additional romantic problems.

Mei took a chance of telling Yuzu her genuine sentiments close to the conclusion of story 1. Yuzu’s incapability to respond genuinely harmed their relationship. If Citrus gets extended for a second season, viewers can expect more dramatic scenes between Mei and Yuzu as they try to sort out their emotions and feelings.

Season 1 came to a close with the 4th volume of the source manga series, enabling season 2 to resume up where it left off. The manga series has 10 volumes, leaving everyone with 6 more to explore. Citrus’ debut anime series finished last October. On the other hand, a new original document for the well-known Japanese Yuri has been created.

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Citrus’s Popularity And BD Sales

Disc sales are important for manga as they generate income. However, disc sales have decreased dramatically in recent years. This has something to do with a behavior change in behavior. In contrast, disc sales numbers are still valuable for analyzing manga launched in the same period. During the 2018 winter season, just 1,342 copies of the anime were sold. This sales result was far lower than anticipated.

Even though the fact that the content is not local and is available on streaming services platforms, Blu-Ray revenues create a 2nd season unlikely. If we look at its overwhelming ratings, we find that it ranks 394th in Myanimelist. This score is deemed beyond good for a 2018 anime. Also, the anime has a Twitter following of roughly 45k people, which is above average but insufficient for a new season.

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Is Citrus a good Yuri anime?

If anime is your niche and you like watching shows that are not dragged out or exaggerated, we’d 100% recommend Citrus as a viable option. It is worth the time but we also need to realize that everyone’s preferences when it comes to anime are subjective.

There are a lot of factors that depict what’s a good anime and what’s not. Even if Yuri isn’t your favorite genre of anime, we’d recommend you give Citrus a watch. It’s fun and also pretty comprehensive when it comes to the plot and how well-articulated everything is.


In November 2019, mangaka Saburouta released Citrus Plus, a roll anime book. Citrus Plus was an enormous hit! With potential source materials in hand, fans are optimistic that a new season 2 of the anime adaptation will be released in the near future.