Best Microphone for Streaming – TONOR TC-777 USB Mic

Best Microphone for Streaming – TONOR TC-777 USB Mic

Whether you are a beginner or a highly professional streamer, you must know that there’s nothing that influences the quality of the streaming more than the microphone that the streamer is using. Ideally, you need to have an expensive setup, good mood-changing lighting and a peaceful room for game streaming but nothing beats the microphone setting. If the microphone quality is subpar, it will eventually affect the tonality, communication and streaming execution.

However, when it comes to choosing the best microphone for streaming, it doesn’t have to be a very challenging process. And, this article will explore why.



When looking for a high-end but affordable microphone for streaming, there’s nothing that beats the TONOR TC-777 USB Mic. This one is a raging bestseller and stands out as one of the most compatible and versatile microphones for streaming. 

Let us look at why.

  • Has a Plug Play design

When it comes to a streaming microphone, having a plug-and-play design enables individuals to use the devices right out of the boxes. These microphones don’t require any excess configuration or change in their settings, making them beginner-friendly too. This is hands down one of the most potent features in this USB Mic from Tonor. You don’t need any additional driver and is ideal for just about any kind of streaming experience.

  • Carotid pickup pattern

If you are an advanced streamer, chances are that you’d know about the importance of a carotid pickup pattern. It picks up the audio, sound from the intricacies, ensuring that the audio is rendered in a smooth and clear pattern without any distortions by the end. This also suppresses the unwanted background noise, which is often one of the common disturbances when you are streaming your favorite games or even a Livestream on social media platforms. 

  • Easy installation

When it comes to beginner streamers with very little technical knowledge, they are consistently looking for plug and play devices that are easy to install. The good thing about this USB enabled microphone is that it doesn’t require any kind of assembling. All you have to do is open the three-legged stand and adjust the position of the individual pop filter that is available in the microphone and that’s all.

  • Versatile functionality

The shock mount in this device enables you to connect it to almost any and every kind of device that you can think of. So, if you are using it just with your smartphone, you can. If you want to thread it with your multi-monitor setup, you can. There are no restrictions to the connectivity when you are using this particular microphone.

Factors to look out for when buying microphones for streaming

Since audio clarity is a crucial factor for streamers, buying the right kind of product is crucial. That said, there are a handful of factors you should consider before finalizing the purchase.

  • Before buying a microphone, make sure that the device has optimal connectivity with a plug and play function. Most of the time, buying a mic that requires additional driver installation can make it difficult for using it out of the box. So, checking the connectivity and usage is the first step towards buying one. 
  • Another essential factor is to check the frequency response. This is a little technical but in simpler terms, it means how much range of voice the microphone can pick up.
  • The polar pattern of the microphone matters too when you are buying one for streaming. This allows you to determine how audio sensitive the microphone is and how easily it can pick up and distinguish voices from different angles. The carotid polar pattern like the one in TONOR TC-777 USB Mic is the best.
  • Lastly, check the installation and connectivity choices. The USB-connected choices are very easy to install and operate, so you can check those out if you don’t want any complications.


When you are buying a microphone for streaming, being mindful of the quality should be a priority. The TONOR TC-777 USB Mic is hands down the bestseller that you won’t regret splurging out $34 for. Just make sure you check out the features and review them before you finalize your purchase.