A Handy New Icon will Let Your Friends Know if You’re Playing on PS5 or PS4

A Handy New Icon will Let Your Friends Know if You're Playing on PS5 or PS4

Sony has recently added a new icon to the PS4’s Friend List. This icon will indicate what console your friends are playing on.

You can see the newly added icon alongside the name of the game your friends are playing. 

Right now everyone is showing the same icon. But as per reports, after the arrival of PS5 which is soon going to be launched, PS5 players will receive a brand new icon. The new icon will be out with the release of the new Sony PS5 which is November 12. People who are lucky enough to buy the new PS5 will sport a different icon. This new icon is designed to match the bold and attractive design of the said console.

No matter, what the icon design, it shouldn’t make a big difference. You will be able to enjoy the same experience regardless of the icon design you have. Friends will be able to join lobbies and voice chats even if they are not using the current PlayStation console. This new icon is just a handy visual reminder that allows you to know what gaming console they are using.

Coming to the new Sony PS5, it is scheduled to be launched on 12th November 2020 which is just a few weeks away. The new PS5 is way better than all the previous Sony consoles ever released. It comes with an attractive design and it’s nothing like you have ever seen before.

PS5 happens to be Sony’s next-gen console and we already have all the details of what to expect from the upcoming console. Even the price of the new console has been released. Now fans are just waiting for the console to arrive in the market. You can also check out the new games that will be available on Sony PS5.

Just so you know recently, new images of the PS5 DualSense controller have surfaced on the internet. These images are unannounced. However, no information is available on these images right now. Many are assuming that the pictures are from the dev kit. However, some also think that the images show the full-black iteration of the upcoming PS5 controller. 

For now, we cannot be sure of anything. The PS5 console is going to be out on 12th November 2020. For PlayStation fans, they should mark the dates to catch the glimpse of the new PS5 as it is launched.


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