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Over the past few years, torrenting has become a common practise with the advent of the internet and smartphones. Almost every individual these days has the access to an active internet connection and a smartphone because of which browsing torrent websites and downloading their content have become easy. All the torrent sites keep changing their domains frequently because once their domain gets blocked, the website cannot be used by the users. Even though they are illegal and all the complications related, these sites are continually gaining fame in the market. This post however is about one such torrent website namely 123mkv. To know more about it, read ahead.

What is 123mkv?  


123mkv is one such website that provides the user’s chances to watch their desired movies and tv shows. The users can either choose to watch the latest content on this website or can also download the content to watch later. Downloading the content can let you watch it even when you are not in an area with good internet bandwidth. On this website, one can find several categories of movies and TV shows which can be downloaded in various formats. You are going to be amazed once you check out the collection of content on this website. 

Features of 123mkv:

If you are still wondering the reasons responsible for the popularity of this website, go ahead and know about the features of this website: 

  • This site offers the users to take a screenshot of any particular scene or any part of the movie that they like the most. 
  • It shows the viewers every detail related to the content on this website, such as cast, IMDb rating, director and producer, duration of the movie, etc. 
  • It doesn’t use a great amount of your data. You can browse the content on this website with low data usage. 
  • It allows you to convert your desired content into the format of your choice. 
  • It allows downloading the content even without getting the users registered. 
  • The easy layout of this website makes it easy to be used by all users, including those who have no experience. 

Categories offered by 123mkv: 

The different categories offered by 123mkv are as follows:

Steps to access 123mkv: 

Following are the basic steps that you must follow for accessing the 123mkv movie site: 

  • Search for 123mkv on the Google page through any browser that you use on your phone. 
  • Go through the kinks that appear as results on the page
  • Select any suitable link from there.
  • Once you have reached the home page of the website, you find a search box
  • Enter the name of the movie you want to search and click on search.
  • You will find a lot of options appearing on the screen such as the download format etc.
  • Make proper choices and click on the download  

The movie will start to get downloaded and once finished you will find it in the downloads section of the browser. 

10 alternatives of 123mkv in 2021

Mentioned below are the names of the best alternatives of 123mkv which are completely legal and can be used safely. It is advised to use these apps instead of browsing the illegal websites which keep shifting from one domain to the other. Here are the 10 best alternatives of 123mkv: 

1. Vimeo 

This app was launched in 2004, which was one year before the launch of YouTube. Similar to YouTube, this is also a site that allows sharing videos. The users are allowed to upload authentic videos along with various kinds of content. It is one such platform which helps in the promotion of self-made content developers. Content developed by people engaged in different professions like filmmaking, music, comedy, etc. Can get full exposure on this website. Generally, the content available on this website is uploaded in HD resolution which ensures that the viewers can have a good visual experience. This application features content from nearly every category such as historical, romantic, experimental, comedy, thriller, etc. Some popular classical movies can be also found on this website. 

2. Film Chest 

This platform aims at featuring all older movies. The interface of this platform is user friendly and can be used by everyone. More than 2000 films from various categories can be seen on this website. Generally, the older films released in the 1930s to 1940s, which cannot be easily found on any other site can be found on Film Chest. It has a distinctive collection, which comprises both foreign and domestic movies and this is a major reason why it has acquired so much traffic in the present times. The quality of both video as well as audio content is appreciable. It even offers several links for downloading the content and you can also do content streaming. 

3. Share TV 

This site doesn’t deal with the hosting site. To a great extent, it works differently than others do. It can be referred to as an online group for the users who can receive all such TH shows which they like the most. Numerous pages, featuring over thousands of movies, TV shows, award functions, sports events, dance, and music programs are hosted on this website. This site offers the users a precise description of all the video clips, episode guides, and character details. Share TV got collaborated with many other websites which allows it to host lengthy TV series of different categories. Although, if somehow you are not able to stream, whichever TV show you like on this website, this app can help you in getting all the names of external websites on which you can stream your desired shows. 

4. TV Player 

TV Player is another UK based platform which allows you to stream the content online. It consists of an interface which is friendly and internet based on several channels. Being an unpaid user, you can have free access to all air channels. The best thing is that the users don’t need to face a lot of ads which are the worst interruptions to your experience of film watching. All such channels which are free to be aired are the ordinary ones which feature just a limited amount of content. It also offers a premium membership to the users because of which you will be allowed to awe contents of over 80 channels apart from just being capable of streaming and downloading different famous TV shows and all other demanded content and the users can use the option of recording live TV. 

5. CW Seed

CW seed is a website that facilitates free streaming. There is also an app version of this website. It generally features TV shows. You can search for all kinds of TV shows on this website, including the ones which are not hosted anymore. Not just the TV shows, but the viewers can get access to various authentic contents and so much more. For accessing the contents on this website, the viewers don’t need to create their accounts or get subscribed. The only thing to be done is clicking on this website and browse across the contents. The viewers will be surprised to find the variety of TV shows and functions which are there on this website. However, a star internet connection is required for streaming the content. 

6. IMDb TV 

Exploring the varied content collection featured on IMDb is worth it. Be it movies or TV series you can find everything on this website. The viewers can satisfy all their preferences of movie watching by watching the rich content on this website. A major part of the contents on this website are supportive of ads, although they are just limited in number. You just have to close the ads whenever they show up and continue watching the content. Just like other websites that offer movie watching, this website also has several categories. Also, IMDb has a user-friendly interface that has no interruptions. 

7. Hoopla 

Hoopla is another option included in the list of top-rated alternatives of 123mkv. This is also a very popular app that is generally preferred for streaming movies. Librarians or students are the common users of this website which permits access to its content only to the people who have a library card. This is largely a platform which is based on a library. You can have the access to reading and downloading not just books, but movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and music. This is a very creative platform that combines digital streaming with online reading. It has a very good looking user interface which can be accessed easily. 

8. Kanopy

The foremost feature which attracts the viewers towards the Kanopy app is the website design. It has been created with highly attractive features which are the reason why this is becoming such a popular website. This site has got a few similarities with Hoopla. Kanopy is more popular as a library borrowing process which is for the public and it lets anybody get access to the content. It is a legal site which offers a secure experience that is completely free from ads. 

9. Youtube

This is considered the oldest movie watching platform which is legal. It is a worldwide platform that launches movies, trailers, web series, videos, web series, and a lot more. Lately, this platform has come up with a free service by which the users can watch a good collection of videos and movies. Although, the unpaid version of YouTube is supportive of ads. Once you are a subscriber to the premium version of this app, you can get unlimited access to a major part of its contents. You can then choose to share or download the content. 

10. Crackle

Taking the movie streaming service into consideration, this app is another favourite amongst the viewers. The website has a smooth design which makes it user friendly. The home page of this app is created lucratively which can catch the eyes of any user. Next, we talk about the list of unique movies featured on this website. The movies which can be hardly found on any other site can be found here, including movies based on different themes such as horror, comedy, romance, immigration, sports, history, etc. There are high chances that you will find your favourite movie in your regional language on this app.

11. Filmyzilla

One of the best-pirated movie streaming sites that allow users to not only stream, but also download their favourite south Indian, Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed movies in high quality is Filmyzilla. Adding to the list of the torrent websites, Filmyzilla is one such site that provides you with a vast library of contents that comprises not only films, but also web series, trailers, music videos, tv shows, etc. Browsing through Filmyzilla will surely fetch you your desired content. All contents can be accessed for free. Neither does the site require its users to register themselves, nor do they have to give their card details. 


As we all know piracy is illegal which is the reason why it has been banned in India. This post was just an attempt to highlight the concerns and issues related to the risks related to browsing pirated movie sites. It is requested not to use these websites and use the legal alternatives instead of abiding by the anti-privacy rules and regulations of the country. For getting a better film-watching experience, several legal alternatives have shown up in the present times. Although some of them can ask you for a subscription charge they provide a secure movie watching experience. Henceforth, it is just the right time to stop browsing such illegal sites that feature pirated content. 


Is 123mkv an illegal website? 

123mkv is certainly an illegal website because it features pirated content by uploading them without any kind of copyright concerns. It is highly risky to browse this website.

Are all these alternatives legal

All the alternatives which have been mentioned above in this post are legal and can be used without undergoing any hazards or risks. They are legal because the content on these websites is copyrighted and not pirated. 

Are these legal alternatives free to use? 

Some of these legal alternatives mentioned in this post are free to use, whereas a lot of them are not. However, the services availed by subscribers are much more than non-subscribers. 

What are the categories offered by these alternatives? 

All these alternatives of 123mkv have categorized their entire content in different categories like documentaries, movies, trailers, etc. Then, they are further classified into old and new movies as well as the different languages belonging to different genres. 

Do these apps allow their content to be downloaded? 

Yes, all these apps allow you to download the content as well as stream it. Apart from that, they offer several links for downloading their desired content in different formats. 


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