TodayPK Website: Top 10 Similar Sites Like TodayPK in 2023


When it comes to entertainment; none of us would like to compromise on quality of the content. Right?

Well, today in this article we’re going to discuss about one of such site which is providing all the latest Bollywood movies online for free.

However, before proceeding further we’d like to disclose to our readers that this site might be involved in piracy and illegal content distribution methodologies. And, our intention is only to provide information about the site and its content. We never encourage our readers to use this site.

Now, as said earlier, we’re revealing the name of one of the most viewed and most used sites in the entertainment world. Yeah, it’s TodayPK. Well, this site provides all sorts of entertainment content which further includes online movies, dubbed movies, free Bollywood movies, free south Indian movies, and a lot more.

Let’s discuss about it in a bit depth.

What is TodayPK?


TodayPK is one of the oldest site which serves and provides access to almost all type of entertainment stuff and content. Yeah, no matter if you’re looking for a web series or web show to enjoy Or you’re looking for the latest Hindi movie which was released recently. You’ll find everything at one place.

Moreover, TodayPK is a platform that’s nicely organized and provides a smooth user interface. However, you’ll have to deal with plenty of ads while accessing this site. 

Yeah, that’s the only negative thing about this site’s interface. And, apart from that you’ll find everything well and good on this website.

Features of TodayPK

Here are some of the key feature which makes it a worth choice for accessing media content online. And yeah, that too for free. Moreover, we’ve tried to explain each feature in as much detail as possible so that you can decide it with an ease that whether you should access to TodayPK or not?

  • Smooth Interface: Yeah, to the point content. You might have seen plenty of sites where things would not be organized in a way so that you could get to your required content. But, here on TodayPK you’ll find all the Hollywood, Bollywood and south indian dubbed movies with merely few clicks.
  • Streaming: Unlike other sites, this illegal website TodayPK provides online streaming facility as well. Yeah, it allows you to watch whole video or movie without any glitch and that too online. However, to stream videos on TodayPK website you might need to have a better bandwidth at your place. 
  • Content Quality: While others might serve you scrap and recorded movies, here you’ll rarely experience such incidents. Yeah, in most of cases you’ll have a choice to download top quality movies online on this piracy site todayPK. However, sometimes you might find some exception too. But, that’s rare and should be acceptable if you’re taking risk of accessing unauthentic and illegal stuff then you should take a bit of risk in testing video quality as well.
  • Faster Download Speed: While other apps and website in piracy business are a bit low grade due to a lot of complications implied, this one is not exception. However, even after facing this much difficulties in surviving online this piracy app-cum-website provides people with high download capabilities. Yeah, you could download stuff in very less time compared to other sites in this segment.
  • Media Content Size: Size of videos would be very small compared to that served on other sites and platform. Yeah, they use advanced compressing mechanism to compress media without losing anything at quality aspect. Usually, you’ll find sizes of a whole 3 hour movies in the range of 500-800 megabytes which is totally acceptable in our opinion. However, we still don’t encourage you to get media from these site for some obvious reasons which we’ll discuss further soon in this article.
  • Content Variety: If you’re having question like what could I download from TodayPK website or application then we’d like to clarify that almost all kind of movies and webshows which you usually don’t access to without subscribing to any of renowned OTT platform is available on this website or application.

What Can I Download From TodayPK piracy website or Application?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to download almost all type of media content from this website. And by saying this, we mean that all latest Hollywood movies download online, Bollywood movies free download, indian webseries online download, English webshows free download online. Everything is available on TodayPK website as well as on application. 

Yeah, this platform has an android as well as iOS application developed which gives easy access to all sort of media content with few finger clicks. However, it’s too risky that we won’t suggest our readers to install it on their smart phones. Yeah, these applications could damage your private data and could steal your private details such as banking detail, identification details, residential details etc. So, stay away from their application. And, if require and it’s too don’t access it.

On this illegal and piracy platform you’ll find all Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies with high quality resolution. Moreover, webshows like MoneyHeist, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Friends are also available for downloading online on TodayPK piracy website.

How To Download Content From TodayPK?

Downloading media from TodayPK isn’t easy at all. Yeah, even after having nice and smooth user experience, you’ll definitely struggle to find a way to download movies and webshows online for free from TodayPK piracy platform. 

Well, to download media and content from this website you’ll have to move over to your desired entertainment page and then from there you’ll have to figure out which button is genuine and that leads to real download link. Once figured out by you; you’ll be able to download movie from that page.

10 Best Alternatives of TodayPK

As TodayPK is a piracy website and is involved in totally illegit and illegal actions, you might find their original site and URL blocked for most of the time by our government. 

And hence, you’ll have to be prepared with available alternatives of TodayPK. Yeah, in case, it is not working then you could download movie or webshow online for free from one of the following platform.

1. Movies4u


Movies4u is a notorious torrent movie streaming website that hosts an amazing collection of movies, web series, documentaries, etc. Those are available for free streaming. You can either stream its content online or download them to watch offline. There’s no need to register or sign up on this site. The site offers a hassle-free movie streaming experience by making its user interface extremely friendly. There’s a search bar where you can look for the movie you want to stream. You don’t have to scroll through the unending categories and lists. The home screen looks extremely well designed and clean.  Once you enter the site, you wouldn’t feel like leaving. 

2. Filmlicious


Although not very popular like the other torrent movie downloading sites, Filmlicious is another site worth visiting. Here, you would get content divided into categories like IMDb rating, language, year of release, actors featuring, etc. This makes it easier for people to get what they are looking for. Besides clean categorisation, the downloading process is also quick and simple. For downloading or streaming, all you need is a steady internet connection. No matter which movie, web series, documentary, or short film you are willing to watch, Filmlicious is sure to host that. The best part about this site is that viewers can stream or download their content in HD resolution. 

3. MovieNinja


MovieNinja comes with an organized and diverse collection of content. Movies and other content are cleanly divided into groups on the home page. Right when you enter the home page, you would be amazed to see the rare and unique collection of content it hosts. The site is always kept updated with the latest content. They are uploaded as soon as possible in high definition and with satisfying audio quality. The site is extremely user-oriented and keeps in mind the convenience of its users.  The site lets people browse through a wide variety of content including romantic movies, horror films, the latest English documentaries, action films, and whatnot. 

4. WorldFree4u


WorldFree4u is quite a popular and well-known free movie-downloading website which allows users to download all their favorite movies and TV shows completely free of charge. You can download all the free videos and movies from this website with just one click. Users will have to make sure that they keep ample space available on their website to download movies on the hard drive. The library of the website is filled with incredibly mainstream content which is why it attracts so many users. Most of the movies available on this website come with dual audio and subtitles.

FAQs – TodayPK platform

We’ve got many queries from our readers for this unofficial and illegal platform. Let’s discuss it all in detail.

1. Why TodayPK website URL is blocked?

As mentioned in this article, this platform is involved in totally unofficial and illegal activities and hence they face some obvious and required difficulties in surviving. Yeah, that’s the reason you’ll find its main URL blocked for most of the time.

2. How Could I Access TodayPK?

If you find its main URL blocked then there are plenty of proxies available. Well, that’s not advisable but still that’s the only way you could get an access to this website.

3. Is It Safe to Access TodayPK?

No!!! It’s not safe at all. Well, we’ve said it repeatedly that users should access these platforms at their own risk. We just wanted to let you know that what this site is doing and what they provides, neither we access it and download stuff from these platforms nor we suggest anyone to do so.

4. TodayPK is involved in root levels of piracy. Is it true?

Whether at root level or not! That we don’t know. But yeah, this platform is definitely involved in piracy activities that’s for sure.

5. What type of content I could download from TodayPK website?

From the TodayPK website, you could download almost all kinds of entertainment content. Yeah, all Hindi dubbed movies, south Indian movies are online for download, and Hollywood movies free download is available on TodayPK.


As mentioned repeatedly, this platform is involved in a variety of illegal and unofficial activities. Our government and constitution consider piracy as a heinous crime and it’s not advisable to suggest you to access this website. However, in case, you still access TodayPK platform and download anything from there then do it at your own risk.