What Is Skymovies? 13 Best Legal Alternatives To Skymovies in 2022

Best Legal Alternatives To Skymovies

Movies have always been one of the best ways to spend a boring time. Apart from entertainment, movies are also appreciated for massively educating people through the messages they deliver. Movie watching has now become easier than ever. Unlike the olden days, you do not have to visit a theater to watch a new movie. Now, people just open an online movie streaming site to watch newly released movies. Online movie streaming sites contain movies of all genres and languages. Some of the movie streaming sites even allow you to download movies.

The streaming sites will instantly let you play your favorite movies. Most of these sites will not require you to log in or create an account to watch movies. One of the controversial aspects of these movie streaming sites is their illegal streaming of movies and series. Despite the stricter laws and regulations, people tend to watch pirated versions of movies through movie streaming sites. Skymovies is one of the popular movie streaming sites that has popularity worldwide. Skymovies is known for releasing movies and web series even before their official release in theaters.

What is Skymovies?


Skymovies is an online streaming site in which you can watch your favorite movies TV shows or series. Skymovies website has about 5 extensions or proxy domains including Skymovies.com, Skymovies.org, Skymovies.pro, Skymovies.in and Skymovies.cf.

Skymovies has wide popularity across the country. One can watch movies of numerous languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Punjabi, etc. in Skymovies. You can also stream Hindi dubbed movies on Skymovies.

Highlighting features of Skymovies

A movie streaming site has to have efficient and easy in-built features in it to get customer attraction. User-interface (UI) and the availability of versatile content are two important features that are necessary for a streaming site.

Skymovies is highly popular not just because of the continuous public demand for watching movies, but also for its user-friendly interface and user attractive features. Here are some of the highlighting features of Skymovies that paved the way for its popularity.

  • You can not only watch your favorite movies and series online in Skymovies. but also the streaming site allows you to download your favorite content. While downloading your favorite movie or series, you can select the resolution in which you want to download the videos. Skymovies allows HD download of your favorite videos.
  • The latest version of Skymovies comes with some bug fixes, which will let you stream movies without any interruption. You do not have to worry about page crashing too.
  • The user interface of Skymovies is very simple and neat. Any movie lover can use Skymovies to stream their favorite video content. You do not have to be a tech expert to use it.
  • The size of Skymovies is very less and it will not take much space from your system or CPU.
  • You can also stream movies through Skymovies using your Android devices.
  • Skymovies provides some fast servers for customers to stream movies and Series in HD Clarity with high-speed. You do not have to worry about video buffering or page crashing.

Categories of content available in Skymovies

These days it is hard for a person to settle down with a movie of one specific language. Most of us watch movies in different languages and genres. The streaming sites have made people get access to any language video content easily. The best part of Skymovies is, it offers movies and series in many numbers of languages and genres.

Below is the list of categories of contents provided by Skymovies.

  • Bollywood films
  • Hollywood films
  • Tamil films
  • Telugu films
  • Punjabi films
  • Other language films
  • Wide variety of series

Below are the steps to stream your favorite movie on Skymovies

You can easily stream your favorite movie or series in Skymovies without any difficulty or prior experience. Apart from the simple user interface, the simple steps to stream movies or series on Skymovies are also one of the reasons for its wide usage.

  1. You might have already known this. Skymovies is an illegal movie streaming site in our country. Therefore, you will require a VPN software or app on your device to stream movies or series on Skymovies.
  2. After installing the VPN software or app, you should select the IP address of a country where Skymovies is legal. Once you do this The VPN will allow Skymovies to stream movies from where you are.
  3. Now, search for the URL of Skymovies from your device. As there are multiple proxy domains of Skymovies, search any one of them that is available.
  4. Once you get your hand on the website, you can start streaming movies and series. You just have to search for the movie you want to stream by entering the movie name manually or choosing it from the list of movies that Skymovies offers on its website.
  5. Once you click on the movie, you will be shown two options. First, to stream online; second, to download the movie. You can select the option you want and start using Skymovies for unlimited entertainment.

Here are some of the legal alternatives to Skymovies

The main reason for the popularity of Skymovies is its wide variety of movies and series content and audiences’ love to watch movies. But, the main drawback of Skymovies is their illegality in our country. Though illegal torrent sites are mostly preferred by people to stream and download movies, it is always recommended to watch movies through legal apps or sites. If you opt to watch movies legally, you are most welcome to do it. We have listed some of the legal alternatives to Skymovies.

1. Netflix

Netflix needs no introduction or description. It is one of the popular movies and series streaming sites in the world. It has a wide variety of content. Netflix offers movies in almost all languages and genres. You can enjoy streaming your favorite video content legally through Netflix. However, you have to subscribe to a plan to use it. Netflix also has a free trial policy.

2. Zee5

If you are someone who watches Bollywood movies most of the time, you should consider using Zee5. Zee5 will also provide you some old classic Bollywood films to binge-watch apart from new releases. And, not just Bollywood flicks, Zee5 also has movie content across 12 languages. It also comes with 90+ live TV channels along with some nice TV shows.

3. Sun NXT

Sun NXT is a movie streaming site and app that is widely popular among the South audience. You can get access to Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies, and live TV channels through Sun NXT. Sun NXT has some of the popular South Indian TV shows. If you are a South Indian, you must surely consider using Sun NXT to enjoy a wide variety of southern content.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the popular legal streaming sites that is also considered as a competitor for Netflix. Amazon Prime Video will give you access to so many hit films in various languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, etc. You can watch movies and series of many genres on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime video even produces its original movies and series, which you might love to watch.

5. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has some of the greatest Hollywood films ever released. It also has many numbers of series to its name. If you are a Hollywood movie buff, you will surely love Popcornflix as it has an infinite number of Hollywood movies in it.

6. MX Player

MX Player is available both as a site and app. MX Player offers movies and TV shows in about 12 languages. You can use the MX player either on your Android device or on your laptop through its website. It has movies both old and new along with a wide category of TV shows in many languages. The main attraction of MX Player is its free access. You can stream unlimited content for free in MX Player.

7. IMDb TV

You would have heard of IMDb. IMDb is not just a dating platform, IMDb TV also provides streaming of movies and other videos. You can watch your favorite movies and TV series for free using IMDb TV. IMDb TV has a wide variety of content. It even has many videos of significant awards and events. You can go through the list of categories of movies present in IMDb TV to stream your favorite content.

8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the next legal movie streaming site that offers many numbers of movies and television shows just for free. You can either browse the movie streaming site through your laptop or use it as an application through your Android device. It is both legal and free. 

9. Youtube

Just like Netflix, YouTube also needs no introduction. It is one of the popular video streaming sites in the world. It has a wide variety of content. You can watch anything on YouTube from movies to song videos. However, to stream some particular movies, YouTube will charge you some amount. You can watch those movies in HD if you pay the amount it asked for. 

10. SonyLIV

SonyLIV has everything you are looking for. From movies, sports, web series to live TV channels, SonyLIV has all in one place. It has some of the critically acclaimed series in it. You should sign in and create an account in SonyLIV to start streaming your favorite movies and shows. It has a subscription plan, which can be used to stream exclusive content.

11. Pluto TV

Though Pluto TV is a freely accessible English movie streaming platform, it’s a legal one. If you are into watching Hollywood content the most, Pluto TV would be an amazing platform for you. Here, you would get content of every kind, starting from old films like Titanic to the newly released movies in Hollywood. Not just movies, the site also brings to you web series, documentaries, and short films in Hollywood. It is an ideal platform if you are looking for diverse content. Thanks to Pluto TV, you can now sit back at home and stream these amazing films in high definition and spend quality time with your friends and family. 

12. Yahoo View

Another site that hosts a large variety of Hollywood movies is Yahoo View. However, on Yahoo View, you would also get content in other languages like Hindi, Marathi, etc. This site is in partnership with Hulu and hence tons of content is available for free on this site. However, this site doesn’t function like Hulu. Unlike Hulu, it gives free access to its viewers. All you have to do is create an account and sign up. There’s no need of playing a subscription fee on Yahoo TV. Viewers can also download content from this platform, for free.

13. MoviesFoundOnline

Oftentimes thought to be an illegal pirated site, MoviesFoundOnline is an entirely legal movie streaming platform. People have been using this platform for years now. This site offers completely secured and safe services to people. To make sure there’s no copyright infringement involved, the site carefully curates its list of content that would be available for viewers.  The site’s collection of content is unique and rare. You would like to stream every content available here. It must be mentioned that the site doesn’t upload anything on its own. It has a community of people who upload public domain films for others to stream. 


1. Is Skymovies safe to use?

Just like other illegal torrent sites, Skymovies is also one of the illegal movie streaming sites. It has pirated versions of newly released movies and series. It lacks some of the security options that legal sites possess. Also, you will be penalized if you are found using Skymovies, as it is an illegal site. So, it is not a safer option to consider.

2. Why is Skymovies so famous?

Skymovies is famous because of the wide variety of movies and series it offers. You can find movies of any language on Skymovies. It also has a simple user interface for people to get their hands on it easily.

3. Are the above legal alternative sites easy and safe to use?

Yes, the above-mentioned alternative sites are completely easy, safe, and legal to use. Once you start using them, you will eventually get familiar with their user interface and functionalities.

4. Which legal alternative mentioned above is so popular?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube are considered the most popular among the mentioned legal alternatives. This doesn’t mean the other sites are not popular. The other legal alternative sites mentioned above are also very famous and are used by millions of people to binge-watch movies and series.

5. Will the legal alternative sites require VPN to function and stream movies?

No. The legal alternative sites mentioned above will not require a VPN software or app to function. Most of the legal alternatives will require a subscription to stream movies and series. You can subscribe to the plan that you want.


You should understand that we do not support the illegal streaming of movies or series in any way. The above-mentioned paragraphs are just the description of Skymovies and online movie streaming sites. We would recommend the readers to not indulge in supporting pirated content. We would also suggest not promoting movie streaming sites that are considered illegal. One must always avoid watching pirated versions of movies as it is not only against the government’s rules and regulations but also discourages the creativity and hard work done by the artists and makers. Respecting this, one should always prefer watching movies and series on legal websites or apps. The legal sites will not only provide movies with amazing clarity but also promote the art of filmmaking.