Top 16 Alternatives of Hubflix You Can Prefer in 2023

Top Alternatives of Hubflix

In India, torrenting is an extremely common practice. A lot of torrents movie downloading sites operate here, providing streaming and downloading links of a plethora of movies to people. Despite strong rules and anti-piracy laws in our country, the government has miserably failed to control its operation. These illegal sites change their domain names every time one domain gets blocked. As such it becomes difficult to trace the operation of these sites. Despite being illegal, these sites have gained a lot of attention and popularity in recent times. In this article, we would talk about one such notorious torrent site, Hubflix. Hubflix is a free movie streaming and downloading torrent site, which hosts contents without copyright permissions.  Continue reading below to know more about Hubflix. 

What is Hubflix? 


As we already said, it is one of the most popular piracy streaming sites operating in India. One can access a huge collection of content in several languages like Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Kannada besides English and Hindi. What’s best is that this site allows you to stream all of its content for free. The extensive collection of old and latest films is sure to amaze you. With its plethora of web series, movies, documentaries, music videos, etc. you are sure to have a great time. 

Though Hubflix is illegal, it delivers you the best collection of content in HD resolution. Also, it allows you to stream and download constants in any format of your choice like 720p, 480p, 320p, etc.  This platform has garnered millions of traffic in the last few years with its wide variety of collections. From thrillers, romance, and comedies to science fiction, and horrors, Hubflix will have you covered. 

Ever since it came into operation, it has leaked some of the best Tamil, Telegu, and other movies in a few days of their official release. This severely affects the box office collection of the films, bringing losses for the filmmakers. Despite all this, the site has become extremely popular among movie maniacs for its quality of service. 

Features of Hubflix

Wondering what has made Hubflix such a popular illegal website? Its amazing features. We have covered some of its features which make it stand out from the rest of the movie streaming sites: 

  • The site comes with a smooth and easy UI, which us easy to access and browse through. 
  • The site promotes independent artists and songs and albums, giving them more exposure.
  • The site can be accessed from any electronic device, be it laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. 
  • The site uploads content in various formats like 320p, 720p, 480p, etc. allowing users to choose any of their preferred choices.
  • To make it more convenient for users, the site has cleanly categorized its contents. One can browse through them to find out one’s desired movies. 
  • The site is connected to superfast servers, facilitating easy and fast downloads. 
  • In its latest update, the site has removed all existing glitches and unnecessary errors, ensuring an uninterrupted movie-watching experience for all. 

Movie categories on Hubflix

Below given are some of the sorted movie categories one can find on Hubflix: 

  • Hollywood latest movies
  • Bollywood latest movies
  • South Indian movies
  • Web series from famous channels
  • Animation movies
  • 300 MB movies
  • All-time hit movies

If you don’t get your desired movie from these categories, you can simply search for it on the search bar. 

Steps to access Hubflix

If you are looking forward to using Hubflix during your leisure time, but unable to do so, we have listed the steps to access the site to help you out. Since it’s an illegal site that you shouldn’t access, you must connect to a VPN server to make your IP address anonymous. Follow the below-listed steps and you would know how to do it. 

  • Firstly, install any VPN app on your device. 
  • Open the software and select any IP address other than your country. 
  • Once you connect to the server of a foreign country, your IP address will now be anonymous. 
  • Now, click on the active Hubflix site. 
  • One the home screen, you will get the various categories we have already mentioned earlier. Click on the desired category to find out your favourite movie. 
  • Now click on the movie you want to stream. You will be redirected to another page. 
  • If you want to watch it online, click on stream now. If you are looking forward to downloading it, click on download. 

That’s all. Enjoy your movie. 

Top 16 Best Alternatives of Hubflix in 2023

Because the site is illegal, it keeps on changing its domain names frequently in the fear of getting caught. People often get irritated with the constant changes. So, they look for better alternatives. We have covered the list of the best legal alternatives of Hubflix along with their descriptions. Read below to know more. 

1. Vimeo 


Vimeo came in 2004, a year before YouTube was introduced. Similar to the latter, the former is a video-sharing site. Here, users can upload their original videos and contents of any type. Vimeo is one of the platforms which promotes independent Content creators. No matter you are a stand-up comedian, musician, or filmmaker, it is suitable for giving exposure to your content. Mostly, the contents here are available in HD resolution, giving you a good video-watching experience. On Vimeo, one can find the contents of every genre and category like experimental, historical, thriller, romantic, comedy, etc. One can also spot some of the evergreen classical films. 

2. Film Chest 

Film Chest aims at delivering archiving older films. This website comes with a user-friendly interface and over 2000 films from various genres. Mostly the classic films during the 1930s and 1940s,  that we generally can’t find anywhere else can be found here. With its unique collection of domestic and foreign films, Film Chest has earned quite a lot of traffic in recent times. The audio and video quality of every content is commendable. It also provides multiple downloading links similar to other movies streaming sites, ensuring that you can download and stream the content of your choice. 

3. Yidio 

Another free video streaming site, which hosts one of the greatest collections of television shows and movies is Yidio. However, one cannot access this site directly. If one is a subscribed user of Amazon or Hulu or Netflix, this site will be automatically accessible to the person for free. Instead of visiting these OTT platforms separately, you can find all the content here at Yidio. Some of Yidio’s contents are accessible for free, even if you don’t have a subscription to any of the above-mentioned apps. With its plethora of content collections, Yidio provides you with the latest tv shows, films, and web series that will surely make your day. 

4. Share TV

Share TV

Share TV isn’t a movie-hosting site. To some extent, it functions differently than the rest. Share TV can be called an online community for users who can keep track of their favourite tv shows. The site hosts several pages for thousands of TV shows, including daily soaps, award functions, comedy, music and dance programs, and whatnot. The site provides users with detailed descriptions of episode guides, video clips, character details, etc. Share TV is in collaboration with Hulu and a fee other TV providers, which enables it to host full-length TV shows of all kinds. However, if you are unable to stream your desired tv show on this site, Share TV will get a list of external sites where your favourite show can be streamed. 

5. TV Player

TV Player
TV Player

TV Player is an online streaming service operating from the UK. It comes with a web-based smooth, friendly interface, providing several channels. If you are a non paid user, you can access the free to air channels. The good thing is you don’t have to come across frequent ads, which might interrupt your movie-watching experience. The free to air channels are the basic ones, hosting limited contents. If you can access the premium membership of this website, you can enjoy contents of more than 80 channels, besides being able to stream and download popular TV shows, films, on-demand streaming. Users can also record live TV. 

6. Veoh 


Veoh is another video streaming site which provides access to hundreds of contents, despite facing some serious controversies in the past. Though browsing through this site isn’t that smooth and easy, it provides a wide assortment of contents. You can find content in various languages covering various genres. Though contents on this site aren’t cleanly categorised, you can easily search for your desired movie on the search bar.  Most contents here are user uploaded. All works are uploaded only after getting proper copyright permissions. So accessing Veoh is extremely safe. 

7. CW Seed

CW Seed
CW Seed

CW Seed is another free streaming website, which is available in an app version too. It mostly hosts TV shows. You can find every kind of TV show on this site, even if it is no longer hosted. Apart from hosting dozens of TV shows, one can access Various original contents, etc. To access its contents, one doesn’t have to create an account or subscribe. All you have to do is click on this site and start browsing through its contents. Users will be amazed to see the plethora of TV functions and shows available on this site. With a steady internet connection, you can stream your desired shows anytime. 

8. IMDb TV


It’s worth checking out the amazing collection of content on IMDb TV. Beginning with films, web series, you will get any kind of content you desire to watch. With its rich and varied content, it is sure you meet your movie-watching preferences. Most of its contents are ad-supported, though the number of ads has been limited by Amazon. All you have to do is keep closing the ads and continue streaming your content. Similar to other movie streaming sites, the contents available here are also categorized. Additionally, IMDb also comes with a smooth interface, which enhances your overall experience. 

9. Hoopla


To the list of the best alternatives of Hubflix is Hoopla, another well-known and commonly preferred movie streaming app. Mostly used by students or librarians, this site allows only those who have a library card to access its contents. Hoopla is more of a library-connected platform. Here you can get to read and download not only books, but also movies, audiobooks, TV shows, and music. This is an innovative platform, which mergers online reading and digital streaming. The UI looks good and is easy to access. 

10. Kanopy


The first thing that attracts users is Kanopy’s well-designed website. Developed with appealing movie visuals, Kanopy has been growing in popularity. This site is also similar to Hoopla. Kanopy is also a public library borrowing system that allows anyone to have a library card to access its contents. The site is completely legal and provides a safe and ad-free experience. 

11. Moviesfoundonline

As with Kanopy, know that this is also a streaming site. Here too, the site does not host any links of its own instead it just links to third-party hosts. Know that Moviesfoundonline has a large collection of regional movies which you will be able to stream in HD. Here too you will be able to sort the movies based on genre. Also note that apart from movies, you will be able to watch tv shows here as well.   

12. Bolly4u


Bolly4u is an online platform where people can binge-watch their favourite south Indian, Hindi and English movies, documentaries, web series, short films, tv shows, trailers, music videos, and whatnot. There are several categories of movies available based on their genres, languages, etc. Also, dubbed versions of several original movies are available so that viewers can stream and download them in their preferred language. Not only that, but the contents also cover all genres like horror, thriller, comedy, romance, science fiction, animation, etc. The site provides users with updates every time new content is uploaded. All services are available for free. Neither do users have to register on this site nor do they need to provide any card details? 

13. The Roku Channel

If you are looking for a legal movie streaming alternative to Hubflix, the first alternative to consider can be The Roku Channel. Unlike the major movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Zee5, or Hotstar, The Roku Channel doesn’t ask for subscription charges. This platform instead offers thousands of movies, web series for free online streaming. Not just that, even some major TV shows can be streamed live on this platform. If you have subscribed to other platforms like Showtime or HBO, you can connect your subscribed account to The Roku Channel and can enjoy unlimited access to everything in one place. This channel was initially made compatible with Roku devices. However, now this channel can be used on Amazon Fire TV, Samsung smart TVs, etc. 

14. Sling TV

Another alternative to Hubflix would be Sling TV. This site offers free services as well as subscription-based services. The latter is ad-free and offers unrestricted access to its plethora of content. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can still access limited content on Sling TV and stream them in high definition on this platform. Once you enter Sling TV, you are sure to love its diverse collection of movies, music, web series, etc. Content from every genre, language, and culture is available here. Just like browsing, downloading movies is also easier on Sling TV. 

15. Xumo

If you are a movie freak, you probably have heard of Xumo. This platform has more than 190 categories. Categories are grouped based on their genres, year of release, old or latest kind, actors starring, language used, etc. Seeing its amazing collection of content, you can’t help but continue browsing. Its collection of content is rare, unique, and certainly one of the best ones. There are science fiction, old Hollywood movies, horror films, etc. Though the free version doesn’t provide access to the entire library, there are a few films that you can download for free. However, for an uninterrupted movie streaming experience, subscribe to this platform and enjoy! 

16. ShowBox


With the advancement of technology, everything is handy these days. All you need is a small device to connect with the world. Can you imagine that your big TV is within your palm? With your mobile phone and internet connection watch any blockbuster movies online, you can also download them. Do not go to the cinema halls anymore if you want to watch new movies, but ShowBox can provide you with all the latest films. Stay tuned with your passion for watching movies of different genres and nations. Download them at awesome HD quality, from 720p to 10180p easily.


Is Hubflix illegal?

Yes, we have already stated that Hubflix is a completely illegal torrent site that hosts pirated content. It uploads contents without copyright issues. It’s extremely unsafe to browse through Hubflix. 

Why should you use the legal alternatives? 

The legal alternatives host copyrighted contents. They also ensure your utmost security and privacy. They are safe to be accessed. 

Do the legal websites charge subscription charges? 

Yes, some of them offer paid services. While some of them offer services for free. Some websites also offer both kinds of services. Paid users can access more content than non-paid ones. 

What kind of content do these alternatives offer? 

All the movie streaming websites offer movies, web series, trailers, documentaries, and whatnot. Some exclusively stream TV shows, while some stream old classic movies. They provide content in various languages, covering Various genres. 

Do they allow users to download their favourite content? 

Yes, all the legal alternatives allow for movie streaming and downloading. On top of that, they provide multiple downloading links in various formats. 


This article was purely meant for informational purposes. We don’t intend to support piracy neither do we promote it. Through this article, we tried to enlighten our readers about the dangers associated with the browsing of illegal sites. We request them to abide by the anti-privacy law and comply with the Act. To help them enjoy a safe movie-watching experience, a lot of legal platforms have come up in recent times. Though they demand subscription charges, they offer a safe movie streaming experience. Hence, it’s high time we stop using illegal sites and use legal alternatives instead.