Where Is Rebecca Soteros Now? More about Paul Walker’s Baby Mama!

Where Is Rebecca Soteros Now? More about Paul Walker’s Baby Mama!

Celebrity relationships are often the center of attraction in most cases. Among all the relationships we have unfolded, one that deserves a special mention is that of Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros. While the world was busy mourning and grieving the loss of one of the finest actors, Rebecca went off the media to heal privately, sparking a lot of debates.

If you have been curious to know more about Rebecca Soteros and her relationship with Paul Walker, you aren’t the only one. This article will further venture into exploring more about her and also the kind of bonding she shared with the Fast and the Furious star.

Who is Rebecca Soteros?

While you might have an idea who Paul Walker was, it isn’t mandatory that you’d know who Rebecca Soteros is.

Rebecca was born in California, U.S. in 1974 to Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. Not much is known about Rebecca’s early and family life, besides the fact that her father worked as a businessman while her mother was a housewife.

Rebecca spent the majority of her life in California, which is where she was raised alongside her brother, Joshua. She graduated from her local high school in 1992 and ventured into the line of teaching before she met Paul Walker.

What does Rebecca Soteros do?

If you look up Rebecca Soteros now, you will come across articles where she is regarded as Paul Walker’s former girlfriend.

However, before she suddenly rose to fame for dating a famous Hollywood actor, Rebecca worked as a teacher. She was working at a local school in Hawaii but later relocated to California after she got pregnant with Paul Walker’s child.

The couple spent quite a few years together after the birth of their daughter, Meadow. However, Rebecca and Paul decided to call it quits, which is when she decided to return to Hawaii and pick up her teaching job again.

Rebecca lived in Hawaii until 2013, which is when Paul Walker died in a tragic accident. She left her life in Hawaii once again and relocated to California to be close to her daughter and support her after the irreparable loss of her father.

Did Rebecca Soteros Date after her separation from Paul Walker?

Unlike Paul Walker that had a very public life and remained in the media quite often, the same wasn’t the case with Rebecca. Following her split her Paul, Rebecca went off the grid and didn’t want to live a public life anymore.

According to the current reports, she is single. However, there’s no way of knowing or confirming whether or not she had dated anyone in the past. Rebecca relocated to Hawaii with Meadow. However, after 13 years, her struggles with alcohol addiction got the best of her and she ended up having to focus on herself. 

During that period, Meadow went and lived with her father in California, U.S. Since then, Rebecca has remained single and has been focused on her healing. She stayed back in Hawaii initially but returned to California after Paul’s death.

Due to addiction and the separation, Rebecca and Meadow had a strained relationship but the two seem to have reconciled things following Paul’s death.

Rebecca currently lives in California, close to Meadow. There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout her life, especially involving two DUI charges and the custody battle that she had to fight. At present, Rebecca lives a very low-key life and doesn’t want to stay in the media. She prefers living her life by herself and not having any social presence.