Griffin Arthur Fraser – Has Something Happened to Brendan Fraser’s Son?

Griffin Arthur Fraser – Has Something Happened to Brendan Fraser’s Son?

People on the internet have a habit of making things that don’t even exist. With the pop buzz being an important element that “sells,” it isn’t surprising that people are often looking for more “scoop” around the media.

One such trending news that has made the rounds on the internet recently is people thinking that Brendan Fraser’s son is dead, which isn’t the case at all.

However, we understand that things become hyped pretty instantly, so let us break down all the factors that you need to know about this rumor and get rid of the myths.

Where did the Rumors Start?

Brendan Fraser has made the rounds on the tabloids in the past few days, thanks to his amazing comeback after years of being in the industry.

Now, when it comes to the sudden rumor of people speculating about his son’s death, let us clarify where it all began. The rumors started around Brendan’s oldest son, Griffin Arthur Fraser, who is also autistic.

During the Oscar acceptance speech for his role in Whale, Brendan Fraser got emotional and thanked the people that stuck by him despite the shortcomings he experienced throughout his career. 

While thanking his sons in his speech, Brendan looked up at the sky and said “I Love you” when thanking his oldest son, Griffin. This is what sparked all the rumors extensively and led to people speculating that the star’s son is dead.

Quick disclaimer – That isn’t the case. Brendan Fraser’s oldest song isn’t dead. These are all petulant rumors.

Is Brendan Fraser’s Son Dead?

Brendan Fraser has made the rounds in the media recently, bringing attention back to himself. However, what you don’t realize is that despite the level of fame he achieved, Brendan has consistently kept his private life out of the public eye.

With his oldest son being autistic, Brendan wanted to ensure that the fame of his career doesn’t end up having any negative implications on his son. 

So, with all the recent rumors and speculations, many went on to think that Brendan’s oldest son is dead, which isn’t true. He is well and well and thriving in his life. 

Brendan has previously revealed that his son, Griffin, who is autistic, needs some special care and attention, nothing that the actor and his entire family can’t provide him with. Brendan revealed more about Griffin’s diagnosis in 2018 and since then has advocated for autism and people that are on the spectrum.

Does Brendan Fraser Have More Kids?

Brendan has three sons, Griffin, Holden Fletcher, and Leland Francis from his marriage with Afton Smith. While he is not together with Afton anymore, Brendan has never fallen short of his role as a father. He has been consistent with his paternal duties and has taken care of each one of his sons and their needs.

With his oldest son’s diagnosis, Brendan has been quite careful with him and prioritizing his needs to ensure that he has a comfortable life without any kind of external judgment.

Besides being close to Griffin, Brendan is also very close to his other two sons, Holden and LeLand. The two even accompanied their father to the Oscars in 2023, cheering on their father while he accepted the Oscar for the best male lead for his movie, Whale.

The media is riddled with rumors and speculations and the trend thinking that Brendan Fraser’s oldest son, Griffin is dead, was one among them. We are delighted to confirm that it is far from the truth. Griffin is currently healthy and living his best life with all the love and care in the world.