Faye Maltese: Everything about Gene Hackman’s First Wife

Faye Maltese: Everything about Gene Hackman’s First Wife

Relationships in the media make a whole lot of people turn their heads. If you are one of those people that have a habit of indulging in the latest media gossip surrounding people’s relationships, let us delve further into it.

Among all the leading names, Gene Hackman is an actor that doesn’t await anyone’s introduction. He is one of the leading American actors, now retired, that has established a name for himself. Besides his acting, Gene Hackman also made the rounds in the media due to his marriage to his first wife, Faye Maltese.

This article will further explore all that you need to know about Faye Maltese and her relationship and marriage to Gene Hackman.

Who is Faye Maltese?

Before we give you an idea about who Faye Maltese is, let us familiarize you with who Gene Hackman is. He is one of the most popular American actors and a Golden Globe Winner as well. 

Gene married Faye Maltese, hailing from New York. Born in 1929, Faye hailed from a mixed culture family, especially the Italian descent. However, she had an American nationality, what with her being born and raised in the United States of America.

To clarify your doubts, Faye was not a famous actress or socialite. She shot to fame and started getting mentioned in the media following her marriage to Gene Hackman. Not much about Faye’s life growing up is public.

However, hailing from a middle-class family, Faye worked at the New York Bank during her early days, before her marriage to support her family.

Did Faye Maltese and Gene Hackman Fall in Love Instantly?

Gene Hackman was only 25 and appointed to the military when he met Faye, who was working at the New York Bank back then. They crossed paths at the Y.M.C.A in 1955.

While there’s not a lot of information available, reports suggest that the two hit it off pretty instantly after they met and started dating right after. After dating for a year, the two were so serious about each other that they decided to get married.

They got married in 1956 in a private wedding ceremony surrounded by the people that they love. It was a very intimate wedding and not publicized at all.

Following tying the knot, the two had a very fruitful marriage and even welcomed three children, Christopher, Leslie, and Elizabeth Hackman.

When did Faye Maltese and Gene Hackman Divorce?

As we mentioned, Faye and Gene had a very beautiful marriage and remained together for 30 years before the couple decided to part ways and get a divorce. 

According to reports, when Faye and Gene got married, Gene was working in the military while trying to make his place in Hollywood as an actor. With determination, he kept auditioning and Faye was there to support her husband every step of the way.

However, despite three decades of marriage, the couple finally decided to get divorced in 1986. By that time, Gene Hackman was an established name in Hollywood.

Did Faye Maltese Remarry?

We know for a fact that Gene Hackman remarried after his divorce from his first wife, Faye Maltese. However, did Faye remarry?

Faye passed away in 2017 and between 1986 and 2017, there are no reports of her being engaged with someone romantically. She remained single after her divorce.

If you have been curious to know more about Faye Maltese and her marriage and relationship with her former husband, Gene Hackman, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know. Unfortunately, Faye passed in 2017 when she was 88 years old.