WhatsApp Working On AI-Powered Image Editor & Ask Meta AI Feature

WhatsApp Working On AI-Powered Image Editor & Ask Meta AI Feature

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, is gearing up to introduce innovative features aimed at enhancing user experience. According to reports from a reliable feature tracker, the company is currently developing an AI-powered image editor and a feature that enables users to interact directly with the company’s ‘Meta AI’ service.

The AI-powered image editor is set to revolutionize how users modify their images. Through the integration of artificial intelligence technology, users will soon have the ability to edit image backgrounds, expand images, and even restyle them, all within the WhatsApp app. Although the feature is still in its developmental phase, it promises to offer users great flexibility and creativity in image editing.

WhatsApp Working On AI-Powered Image Editor & Ask Meta AI Feature

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on integrating its ‘Meta AI’ service directly into the platform, allowing users to pose queries directly from the search bar. This feature is aimed at streamlining user interactions and providing quick access to information through the company’s generative AI assistant.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android has revealed insights into the development of the AI-powered image editor. While users eagerly anticipate its release, it’s important to note that these features are still under development and cannot be tested by beta users at this time. 

The interface preview, shared by the feature tracker WABetaInfo, showcases a glimpse of the upcoming editing capabilities, including options such as Expand, Restyle, and Backdrop. However, the exact capabilities of these features remain undisclosed.

As per the screenshots revealed, the feature will be located at the top of the image-sharing page, integrated neatly with a new icon. Positioned alongside the recently introduced “HD” feature by WhatsApp, users can simply tap on the new editing option to reveal the available choices.

Additionally, the recent beta update, version, unveils details about the integration of the ‘Ask Meta AI’ feature, indicating WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user functionality and engagement. The addition of the Ask Meta feature is expected to give tough competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Users are advised that these features are still in the refinement stage and will be gradually rolled out to testers on the beta channel before reaching all users. Moreover, the features are expected to be made available on iOS, ensuring consistency across different mobile platforms.

As WhatsApp continues to innovate and evolve, these upcoming features represent a significant step towards providing users with advanced tools and functionalities. These developments are aimed at enriching the messaging experience for millions of WhatsApp users worldwide.