Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Models To Come With A18 Pro Chipset

Apple's iPhone 16 Pro Models To Come With A18 Pro Chipset

The iPhone 15 series came out just about seven months ago, and people are already excited about the iPhone 16 series, which is expected to be one of the most sought-after phones in 2024. This lineup is rumored to consist of four models – iPhone 16 Pro Max, iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Plus.

According to reports published earlier, Apple is gearing up to introduce an A18 Pro processor in the upcoming iPhone series, with a strong emphasis on improving artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. In the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 models, Apple used the older A16 chip, while the Pro models featured the all-new A17 Pro chip.

Apple's iPhone 16 Pro Models To Come With A18 Pro Chipset

Insights from Jeff Pu, an official from Haitong International Tech Research shed light on the upcoming A18 Pro processor. Pu’s research note indicates that Apple is doubling down on AI integration, with plans to enhance the A18 Pro chip specifically for on-device AI tasks. 

Production of the chip is reportedly underway earlier than usual, signaling Apple’s commitment to staying ahead in the AI race.

Pu’s note highlights a key detail – the A18 Pro chip, particularly the 6-GPU version, will boast a larger die area compared to its predecessor. This expansion is expected to accommodate more specialized components and transistors, paving the way for enhanced on-device AI capabilities in the iPhone 16 Pro lineup. 

However, it’s worth noting that increasing the die area could potentially raise concerns regarding design flaws, and defects, as well as heat dissipation and energy efficiency.

Apple is rumored to adopt a dual approach to AI features, leveraging both cloud infrastructure, and on-device processing. This hybrid model aims to deliver a smooth user experience while maximizing the benefits of AI technologies.

The iPhone 16 series is scheduled to release in the latter half of the year, promising a host of upgrades. While the basic iPhone 16 Plus and iPhone 16 are expected to be powered by the A18 system-on-chip (SoC), the iPhone 16 Pro Max and Pro variants are likely to sport the A18 Pro chip.

Benchmark tests on Geekbench 6 have already revealed impressive performance metrics for the A18 Pro, further fuelling anticipation among consumers.

All eyes are on Apple as the tech giant gears up to redefine smartphone innovation with its upcoming iPhone 16 series. These iPhone models are expected to set a new benchmark in user experience and AI performance.