Wentworth Season 9 Release Date

Wentworth Season 9

Australian dramas are always fun and nerve-wracking. And, if you have been binge-watching crime documentaries and prison dramas, Wentworth is a definitive mention on the list of the must-watch series. The show is one of the most-watched prison dramas on Netflix, and hence the show is currently ready for its ninth season.

While the audience has been devouring the trendy shows like Orange Is the New Black, Wentworth has been right up on the alley, especially with the quality of the script that it has produced with every season.

It isn’t even a concern that international shows have taken over Netflix and the audience just can’t seem to get enough of it. The show’s last season aired in September 2020 on Netflix. Since then the audience has been awaiting the release of the ninth season of the show.

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Has Wentworth been renewed for Season 9?

While Netflix or other official sources haven’t confirmed an official date for the release of the show for the ninth season, we are pretty sure that it is going to happen sometime soon. However, one good thing is that the show has been renewed for Season 9, which means that everything is already set in stone.

However, several fans have speculated the fact that Season 9 is likely going to be the last season of the show, which can end up being pretty upsetting. At this point, the audience is only hoping that the show ends with style and a good ending.

Although there is no official release date for the show yet, it is pretty much confirmed that the show is going to be released in Australia first and will then be available worldwide. So, at this point, you can expect the show to be released around the summer months of 2022 or before.

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Has the cast started filming for Wentworth Season 9?

Yes, reports, as suggested by What’s on Netflix, say that the cast and crew have finally wrapped up the production for the ninth season, which means that the show is currently in the post-production phase, meaning that the audience will likely have access to the show before they even realize.

Also, the current rumors suggest that Wentworth Season 9 will come out with 10 episodes, as per usual.

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What can the audience expect from Wentworth Season 9?

If you are thinking of starting right from the ninth season, you will be completely lost. Before anything, we’d recommend watching the first eight seasons of the show to familiarize yourself with the characters and the plot.

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As for what the audience can expect from the ninth season, it is going to take off from where the eighth season ended. The most crucial part of the plot in Season 9 will include Allie Novak and Judy Bryant and a range of dramatic twists and turns along the way.

The audience is also speculating witnessing the fate of Joan Ferguson in the last season of the show and seeing how things pan out for that character by the end.

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