Top 10 Useful Gadgets for Students

Useful Gadgets for Students

Students these days are growing in what many describe as a technical world. They love their gadgets and there are so many of them to choose from. Reputable companies across the world understand just how many students love gadgets, and they ensure their products meet their young audience’s needs. 

When you’re going into your first year of college or university, you want the best of the best to stand out from your peer and there are a handful of gadgets you’ll need to buy. Budgets will vary from student to student but purchasing the right gadget can make a massive difference while you study. 

While well-established companies will charge more for their products compared to lesser-known ones, you would be surprised by the quality you would get if you go for a lesser brand than a popular one. We asked academic experts from one of the most popular essay writing services on the market Custom Writings to compose a list of top 10 useful gadgets for students. 

1. Amazon Kindle

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore reader of books, this is a fantastic gadget to own. Before investing in one of these, you need to ensure that you get the e-books you need on it that will help you during your studies. Kindle models now feature longer battery lives, Bluetooth, front-lit screen, and more. 

2. Purchase an external hard drive 

Out of all the gadgets that will make this list, an external hard drive is one of the most exciting. When you’re writing essays, your computer might malfunction or crush which can lead to lost data files. 

It is a very reliable backup and will ensure you don’t lose your file. If you have an XBOX or PlayStation console, you can connect it to install more games without having to worry about making space by deleting some. Buying a 1 terabyte hard drive is highly recommended for a student. 

3. Purchase some noise-canceling headphones 

The brand you go for is entirely up to you but noise-canceling headphones are a must-have gadget. They allow you to zone out by blocking out a variety of noises like parties, moving traffic, maintenance work, and more. With so many of them sold online, you have to make sure your purchase fits you perfectly. 

4. Bluetooth speaker 

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the most useful gadgets a student can own especially when it comes to social settings. College life can be stressful at times with assignments, essays, and exams being part of a student’s curriculum. 

You need some time to unwind and enjoy college life with your friends and a Bluetooth speaker comes in handy during picnics, house parties, walking movies, listening to music, pre-drinks, and more. Always makes sure you buy one that has good sound quality and great battery life. 

5. Fitness tracker watches 

Gym memberships can be very expensive for students with limited funds and for those who want to stay fit, a fitness tracker watch is a great buy. Fitbit is one of the most popular watches in the world, and they help you monitor your heart rate and any changes while you keep fit. You can also monitor your heart rate while you sleep with these watches allowing you to track how much deep sleep you’re getting each night. 

6. Purchase a laptop tray with a fan 

Many students like to write their essays while in bed or sitting on the sofa. This can cause a laptop to overheat and shut down. You can lose variable data when this happens however, you can prevent this problem by purchasing a cooling tray. 

Even essay writers for students use this gadget to ensure their laptop remains cool while they work on numerous assignments. The good thing about these cooling fans is they don’t make a lot of noise and can be connected to your PC with ease.

7. Get yourself a key finder 

If you tend to lose your keys or phone, you need to buy a tile mate key finder. Simply attach this little gadget to your keys and use the mate app to locate any of your missing keys. If you can’t find your phone, for example, this handy little thing can make your phone ring even if it’s in vibrate mode.

8. Purchase a folding Bluetooth keyboard 

Typing up notes is part of college life and if you don’t want to be carrying your laptop every day, you can get yourself a folding Bluetooth keyboard. There are so many lightweight models on the market that are compatible with android and iOS devices like tablets and phones. 

Once everything is typed up in class, you can easily transfer it to your computer at home using apps such as Google Docs. You don’t have to worry about potentially losing the file you typed in class since this is a cloud service that uses Wi-Fi. Anything typed no matter the location is saved automatically.

9. Get yourself a Wi-Fi range extender 

Students cannot live today without Wi-Fi because they need it to communicate on social media, listen to music on places like Spotify, watch clips on YouTube, and research information for assignments. 

You can connect your phone or tablet devices to the Wi-Fi broadband package you have at home; however, some providers don’t stretch across the house. If you buy a Wi-Fi extender, it can boost the signal and ensure you are connected no matter where you are in the house. 

10. Purchase a portable phone charger 

Back in the day, especially in the late 90 and early 2000s, phone batteries used to last a few days depending on the model you have. Nokia phones back then were known for their impressive battery life but these days, the story is different. 

With so much technology packed into our iOS and Android devices, the battery gets drained very quickly, and running out of battery brings fear. To avoid this headache, you need to buy yourself a portable phone charger. This impressive gadget is super light, small enough to fit in your pocket depending on the model, and will fully charge your phone when you’re on the go.

To conclude the article, I want to say that there are more gadgets college students may easily use in their studies and education.


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