Top 25 Technology Argumentative Essay Topics for Writing

Argumentative essays are a staple of any college writing course and many that aren’t focused on writing as well. Instructors like to see that their students are able to go beyond regurgitating the textbook and can apply course concepts to real-world situations. When it comes to writing about technology, argumentative essays along with persuasive papers can help to clarify students’ understanding of key issues in technology, especially issues of ethics and social responsibility. However, it can be challenging to develop an effective argumentative essay topic that hasn’t been done to death. 

To help inspire you, we’ve put together a list of 25 of the most interesting argumentative essay topics related to technology. Choose any topic to write your own argumentative paper.

25 Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Writing Topics

  1. Should smartphone use be permitted while driving an automobile? Take a position and defend it with evidence, logic, and reasoning.
  2. Does texting promote greater efficiency in communication, or does texting create limitations on the effectiveness of our efforts to communicate? Choose a side.
  3. Does the greater availability of communication through smartphones make people more likely to rely on and depend on one another, or does it foster greater independence?
  4. Technologically mediated communication can prove an effective replacement or substitute for face-to-face communication. Why or why not?
  5. Instead of empowering us, dependence on technology can actually cause harm or create problems during an emergency or a crisis.
  6. Social media and technology create the opportunity to forge new social connections. Argue whether these found families and social bonds are as strong as real-life relationships or are weaker than in-person relationships.
  7. Argue for a specific policy you would like to see social media companies implement to protect users’ privacy.
  8. Students and teachers are both on social media. Should they be friends online? Make a case for or against student-teacher connections online.
  9. Online options such as open educational resources are an adequate substitute for traditional textbooks. Why or why not?
  10. Argue for or against the proposition that children’s internet time should be strictly limited.
  11. Make a case that nanotechnology should be developed for use in the medical field. Should we place nanotechnology in our bodies?
  12. Video game producers have a social responsibility to limit the violence and gore in their games in order to prevent children from becoming violent. Why or why not?
  13. Reading a book on an electronic device is a fundamentally different experience than reading a book on paper. Agree or disagree?
  14. Listening to a podcast is less intellectually engaging than reading a book. Agree or disagree?
  15. Make a case for what area of technology you feel will be the next source of world-changing innovation. 
  16. Make a case for why smartphone use does nor does not contribute to health problems.
  17. Should microchips with personal data be implanted into humans? Make an argument for their benefits in terms of protecting individuals or the risks to privacy and security.
  18. Should parents be able to genetically select desirable traits for their offspring prior to birth?
  19. Quality vs. quantity of life: Should we focus on technologies that expand the lifespan as much as possible, or those that enhance quality of life as much as possible?
  20. What effect does texting have on writing skills? Make a case that texting makes young adults more expressive as a writer or that it had an impact on their writing mechanics and syntax.
  21. Technologies like video games and social media are effective ways to provide education and should be used in schools. Why or why not?
  22. Print media will disappear entirely as a mass market consumer product in the near future. Agree or disagree?
  23. Nanotechnology should be used to store information. Make a case for the benefits of moving information storage to nanotechnology vs. the risks of trusting technology with important information.
  24. The world wide web will become obsolete. Make an argument for or against this proposition and suggest potential future paths.
  25. There should be limits on what consumers are allowed to print using 3D printers. Yes or no?

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