Them Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Them Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Them is an American television series which is based on a horror drama. Talking about the response received to the series, it was great and the total IMDB score was 7.5 out of 10. The series was a mixture of horror, thriller and drama.

The series is created by Little Marvin and the story is written by Little Marvin, Korde Arrington, Tuttle, and Christina Ham. The series is produced by Dominic Orlando and Michael Nelson. The productions are Vertigo entertainment, sony pictures, and amazon studios collectively.

Them Season 2

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Them Season 2 plot

The series is fictional and all the characters are fictional too. The events in the series aren’t real. But the level of thrill and excitement added to the written story of the series is amazing. The series has an Emory family. This family has just shifted to North Carolina and purchased a home of their choice in a white neighbourhood. 

The black family tries to get comfortable in their newly bought home and neighbourhood but suddenly the neighbourhood conspiracy starts. The family soon encounters paranormal activities around them. They used to get unnormal things happening around which was beyond their scope. Season 1 was all about the thriller and horror scenes faced by the black family.

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them season 2 cast

Below is the list of all the important actors and their respective roles in the series:

  • Deborah Ayorinde – Livia “Lucky” Emory

Deborah Ayorinde - Livia “Lucky” Emory

  • Alison Pill – Elizabeth “Betty” Wendell

Alison Pill - Elizabeth “Betty” Wendell

  • Melody Hurd – Gracie Emory

Melody Hurd - Gracie Emory

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  • Ashley Thomas – Henry Emory

Ashley Thomas - Henry Emory

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  • Shahadi Wright Joseph – Ruby Lee Emory

Shahadi Wright Joseph - Ruby Lee Emory

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  • Ryan Kwanten – George Bell

Ryan Kwanten - George Bell

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  • Dale Dickey – The Woman

Dale Dickey - The Woman

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  • Liam McIntyre – Clarke Wendell

Liam McIntyre - Clarke Wendell

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  • Lindsey Kraft – Midge Pruitt

Lindsey Kraft - Midge Pruitt

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  • Pat Healy – Marty Dixon

Pat Healy - Marty Dixon

Followed by other actors: Helen Koistra role played by Brooke Smith and Calvin played by Malcolm Mays.

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Them Season 2 Release Date

The season 2 release is not yet confirmed and the date is still not disclosed but the expected year of coming is 2023. The platform will be amazon prime like season 1. Fans have huge expectations for the season 2 release. The coming season is also expected to include 10 episodes with the same level of energy and thriller that was in season 1. The movie showed a very realistic horror encounter which can happen to anyone without any historic background. The ending of season one left good chances of series renewal and people are waiting to watch it.

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