Dopesick Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story And More

Dopesick Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story And More

Dopesick is an American-based series which is fully based on drama. The response from the audience was very good at the time of the season 1 release. Season 1 had 8 episodes in total. The movie has a very important narrative and consists of a very correlative bond between passion and emotions. 

The story focuses on the concern of opioid addiction among American citizens and how families are getting affected by such consumption addictions. The total IMDB ratings received by the series is 8.5 out of 10. The show is visible on the Hulu network. The storyline is non-fictional and very interesting.

Dopesick Season 2


Dopesick Season 2 Plot

The Dopesick series starts with innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Richard Sackler a character develops a painkiller named “OxyContin” which is narcotic-based. Oxycontin can help people who are Opioid Addicted. Richard Sackler spent more than 10 years of his life doing this invention. However, the truth is something else about this drug. A claim was made that this drug can even be more addictive to the people and the pharma company is lying about the medication. 

After getting a few hints, the police search for the makers of the Oxycontin and the research starts. The series revolves around the truth about the narcotic and becomes very interesting to watch. The case investigation starts and becomes complicated with time. There is a high possibility that the upcoming season will focus on how pharmaceutical firms will try to catch the manufacturers of these illegal drugs.


Dopesick Season 2 Cast

Following is the list of important actors and their roles in the series:

  • Michael Keaton – Dr Samuel Finnix

Michael Keaton - Dr Samuel Finnix

  • John Hoongenakkar – Randy Ramseyer

John Hoongenakkar - Randy Ramseyer

  • Jake McDorman – John Brownlee

Jake McDorman - John Brownlee

  • Peter Sarsgaard – Rick Mountcastle

Peter Sarsgaard - Rick Mountcastle

  • Ray McKinnon – Jerry Mallum

Ray McKinnon - Jerry Mallum

  • Kaitlyn Dever – Betsy Mallum

Kaitlyn Dever - Betsy Mallum

  • Rosario Dawson – Bridget Meyer

Rosario Dawson - Bridget Meyer

  • Michael Stuhlbarg – Richard Sackler

Michael Stuhlbarg - Richard Sackler

  • Will Poulter – Billy Cutler

Will Poulter - Billy Cutler

  • Cleopatra Coleman – Grace Pell

Cleopatra Coleman - Grace Pell


Dopesick Season 2 Release Date

The official date for season 2 is still not declared. Additionally, the season 2 confirmation is not confirmed by the Hulu network yet. The release date will be out only if the confirmation of the season renewal is declared. However, the ending of season 1 gave a lot of opportunities for the series renewal with further seasons. It is expected that season 2 will get declared. Fans are very excited to watch season 2 and see how the industry overcomes the going on illegal manufacturing of narcotics. 


1. Will there be a season 2 of Dopesick Nation?

Given the extent of positive reviews and the amazing comments that the first season has gained, we can hope that the second season of Dopesick Nation is on the way. It is all about waiting at this point since we don’t have any official confirmation yet.

2. Is Dopesick completed?

Dopesick was released as a miniseries on Hulu, which means that the single season of the show is where things end. If you have been awaiting a second season, it seems like a farfetched dream at this point. We have no way of confirming if it’s complete.

3. Is Dopesick based on a true story?

According to the rumors and reports that we have access to, it is believed that Dopesick is indeed based on a true story. The National Public Radio also reports that the majority of the story depicted on the show is true.

4. Where is Dopesick based?

The 2021 mini-series, which aired on Hulu, is based out of Virginia Mining. The show, which draws its inspiration from real-life events highlights the opioid addiction crisis of the time. The raw tenacity of the characters in the show is eye-opening to witness.