Want To Make Money From Home? Check These Real Money Earning Apps in India

Real Money Earning Apps in India

Has your job or business been impacted by the pandemic? Want to earn money while sitting at home? If yes, then this is quite an informative article for you.

Nowadays, the internet is more than from getting news or updates. The excessive use of the internet has brought out lots of opportunities. These opportunities have even increased after the Covid 19 pandemic so that people can even earn by using the internet. 

There are many real money-earning apps in India from which you can earn a handsome amount of money from legal authorities. But you have to be aware that because of the emergence of new apps, many fraud apps might be the reason for insecurities among users. There are many ways to earn real money using apps in India such as by advertising, watching videos, listening to music, and reading newspapers.

Below, we have given the information regarding websites from which you can make money from home.

Real money earning apps in India that you can use now

  • GetMega

Getmega is a gaming platform that provides a variety of games such as card games, casual games and trivia. It is a gaming platform and focuses only on games. Getmega provides the best gaming experience and it has a security money management system that ensures simple transactions. It provides some amazing opportunities to the users to play the games with friends and family and earn real money by winning them.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards is an app that includes only surveys and quizzes. You can put your notifications on for further updates. It provides mainly play credits, which can be used to purchase the applications from the play store. The surveys they provide are quite simple and quick so you can have fun with real money earning apps in India.

  • Roz Dhan

 In this app, you can earn money by watching advertisements, videos, reading news and by referring to others. To use this app, you just have to sign up and you will get Rs 25 as your signup bonus. And whenever you want, you can withdraw it to Paytm.

  • Meesho

Meesho is an online store which has a variety of clothes, Footwear, accessories, Mobile gadgets and many more things. It is an app which provides reselling of all the products. You can also resale them and earn money. Also, you can earn a margin amount by reselling the product from Meesho.

  • UserFeel

It is an app which is used to test the usability of the application. In this app, users are given the task to check the functionality of the apps. Functions such as user interface, user experience and other things need to be checked. But to use this app, users need to meet the eligibility criteria of the app. Thus, you can use this as real money earning apps in India.

After you check the app, the rating will decide the amount you get.

  • SwagBucks

It is one of the popular apps to earn real money. You need to complete the surveys and questions which are assigned to you. You can even play games, watch videos and daily polls to earn real money. You get points wherever you complete the tasks and later it will be converted into real cash. Also, you will receive coupons, vouchers and cashback.

  • SuperProf

SuperProf is the real money earning app in india. If you have completed my schooling and are looking to work as a tutor or teacher in the school, then this is the right platform for you.

You can teach students in person, this app is responsible for arranging classes and according to your teaching style and other things you will get reviews and these reviews will decide your pay.

  • Internshala

Who needed a perfect resume to get a job? Internshala is with you; it connects the employers directly to employees to conduct the interviews or recruitment procedures. You can do internships to earn money. It has provided internships of all kinds for all the students. Even, they provide opportunities to women to begin their career.


After reading the article, the most preferred way to earn money is games. There you don’t have to think about anything, you just play games in different forms such as practice matches, tournaments, contests and many more. Apps like Getmega are the best combo of both entertainment and earning. It also provides an experience so that people can take the sports as their passion or career. You can earn real money in many ways but you should choose a platform or way for a long term so that after sometime you won’t feel bored.

However, it directly depends on the app how much money or rewards can be given to the participants or users in the form of coupons, vouchers and cashback. Thus, you can choose any real money earning apps in India.

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