Cheap Way to Write an Admissions Essay

Cheap Way to Write an Admissions Essay

The list of requirements for admission to a university, receiving funding for training, and participating in other educational and volunteer projects often includes an admissions essay. How to write my essay cheap? This question worries many students. The cheapest way to write your admissions essay is to do it yourself.

In this article, we examined in detail what an admissions essay is, how much it affects the results of the selection and how to correctly approach its writing.

Why do you need an admissions essay?

An admissions essay is a story on a given topic in which a candidate for admission to a university, a scholarship, or participation in another program justifies that they are ideally suited for the role. Also, this essay can be called a letter of introduction or personal statement.

An admissions essay is usually required for:

  • Admission to a university.
  • Receiving a scholarship or study grant.
  • Selection for internship.
  • Participation in volunteer projects.
  • Summer school admissions.

An admissions essay allows a candidate to contact the admissions office directly to highlight their strengths, prove eligibility and demonstrate strong commitment.

Features of writing essays for admission to study at a university

An admissions essay is a standard and mandatory requirement of most universities for bachelor’s or master’s degree applicants. The essay must convince the admissions committee that you will meet the university’s expectations and become an outstanding student.

More than half of American universities consider an admissions essay a significant criterion for assessing an applicant. At the same time, the higher the prestige of the university and the competition, the more attention is paid to the non-academic profile in the admissions committee, including the application essay. For universities from the top 250, test results play only 15% of the role in consideration of an application, while essays – 25%.

The strongest candidates from all over the world compete for a place in the best universities, so high marks and good test results are the default requirement for admission there. The admissions offices of such colleges and universities carefully analyze each applicant, trying to discern their personality and potential behind their papers.

In addition, many leading universities expect from applicants one or more supplemental essays written specifically for them. This allows the admissions committee to get to know the candidates even better.

Therefore, if you are applying for admission to universities from the first dozens of national rankings, take the preparation of each essay seriously. The papers of applicants who enroll in programs that require vocabulary skills, such as journalism, are also severely assessed.

Features of writing an admissions essay for an undergraduate degree

An admissions essay is an integral and very important part of a future bachelor’s application. Many of yesterday’s schoolchildren come to colleges with brilliant grades and high exam scores. To stand out against the background of hundreds of excellent students, an applicant needs to carefully work out an extra-academic profile. Prestigious universities expect strong letters of recommendation from candidates, an impressive list of extracurricular activities with outstanding achievements, and, of course, an impressive essay that reveals the personality of the prospective student.

An essay that is written for admission to a bachelor’s degree is usually called a personal statement. In such an essay, the applicant reveals their personality in the context of the chosen curriculum: they talk about their aspirations, hobbies, and important points in their biography that influenced their decision reveals the intersections of extracurricular and educational activities.

Applicants for undergraduate studies at American universities can choose from several essay topics offered by the Common Application or the Coalition Application – online platforms for applying to multiple colleges at the same time. More than 800 educational institutions accept applications through the first one and about 150 – through the second one.

This year, the Common Application portal prepared seven options for applicants, and the Coalition Application – five, while both platforms allowed writing essays on a free topic.

In addition to the obligatory essay common to all universities, many prestigious universities require applicants to submit additional essays, the topics of which are published on their websites. Applicants upload the main and additional essays for verification through the above online platforms.

Admissions essay structure

  • The introduction should immediately grab the reader’s attention. Therefore, you can start your admissions essay with a strong statement or an intriguing story.
  • The main body reveals the statements you made in the introduction. Here you have the right to present yourself from the best side, talk about your merits and achievements. 
  • The conclusion underlines the importance of the above and reinforces the impression made. 

When applying to the best US universities, every part of the application is essential. A good admissions essay can tip the scales in your favor.