Noted Tipster Says Macbook 2021 Might Come With Both Intel And Apple Silicon Chips

Noted Tipster Says Macbook 2021 Might Come With Both Intel And Apple Silicon Chips

The 2021 MacBook models are reported to have Intel and Apple Silicon Models chips as choices. After popular TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced his predictions on the redesigned Macbook range’s possible launch date, the above report came to public notice. Ming-Chi Kuo has told that the redesign of the Apple silicon-based MacBook launch might happen in late 2021. But, according to the recent leak, the redesigned MacBook range may also have Intel chips based models in the upcoming year.

Tipster’s prediction

According to popular tipster “L0vetodream”, the MacBook models that would be redesigned and are believed to be launched in the second half of 2021, will not just be Apple Silicon-based. “L0vetodream” has retweeted a report by MacRumors, which was about Kuo’s predictions. It quoted “not only for Silicon”. This has further affirmed that Macbook models will not just be launched based on Apple Silicon models. This has made the tipster imply that Macbook models powered by Intel chips will also be launched by the company. This is presumed to be a part of the company’s redesign strategy.

Tech giant Apple had announced at WWDC that it intends to decrease its dependence on Intel chips to power its MacBook models. Apple also added that it would approximately take about two years for the company to transition to new Apple Silicon chips for the complete MacBooks line up. 

In early November, Apple introduced its newer versions of people’s favorite MacBook Pro 13-inch, MacBook Air, and Mac mini computers. These were powered by Apple M1 SoC. Apple M1 SoC comes with 8 cores including four high-power and four power-efficient, added with custom integrated graphics or GPU.

The recent leak has suggested that the Cupertino giant is planning to launch more MacBook models based on Intel chips. There are fair possibilities for Apple to use Intel chips to redesign its MacBook models, as practically it would consume quite some time for the company to make a complete shift to Apple silicon chips. 

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has earlier reported that Apple has redesigning plans for its 14 inches and 16 inch MacBook Pro models. Kuo also added that refreshed Mac desktops may soon arrive. This might include the speculated iMac of 24 inches, which will be equipped with a brand new design along with Mac Pro’s smaller version.


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