Nintendo Switch Next Generation Coming In 2021: Report

Nintendo Switch Next Generation

Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful gaming consoles by Nintendo. Users love it because of its fabulous design and excellent features. But there is some good news for all Nintendo Switch users.

Nintendo is gearing up to launch an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch console by 2021. The first Nintendo console was launched back in 2017 and it turned out to be a major success. The Switch is the first-ever gaming console that can be used both in handheld and stationary mode.

Witnessing the success of their first handheld console, the company launched a lite version of the console in 2019. After full two years, it’s time that the console is upgraded for the best. Nintendo Switch is so successful that it gives stiff competition to gaming console giants like Xbox and Playstation.

What more do we know?

According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Nintendo is planning to release a powerful upgrade this time. They are putting in their resources and efforts to turn Nintendo Switch to be a beast of a console.

The report states that the console will have better quality pictures. The console will be designed to support even 4K graphics. This next-generation Switch console will also have more computing power to give the best experience to users.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new version of the Nintendo Switch will be loaded with a wide collection of games from both Nintendo and other studios as well. From marathon gaming to casual experiences, they will provide all types of gaming experiences to users. The new version is going to be launched by next year.

The Nintendo Switch was introduced in 2017. It sold over 60 million units all around the world. With the introduction of the Nintendo Switch, the world of console gaming was changed. It combined the convenience of a handheld console and the power of a home console in one. However, it still failed to beat Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 in terms of sales.

Both Microsoft and Sony are preparing to launch their next-generation gaming consoles. It is only fair if Nintendo too gears up for the same. 

But this time, the company is not in the mood to leave anything to chance. They have not only improved the graphics but have also introduced 4K graphics support in the Switch.


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