Google Chrome Is Getting Faster Tabs, Support For QR Codes And More

Google Chrome Is Getting Faster Tabs

Google Chrome happens to be one of the best web browsers in the world. It beats every other browser in terms of speed and features. Well, there is some good news for all Chrome users. Google is gearing up to release some newer features for its Google Chrome browser. This is to make the browser even better and faster.

What are the new features Google Chrome is getting?

Google is planning to add some cool new features to make Google Chrome browser better. These features are going to improve the performance and productivity of the browser. Along with that, it will also enhance the user experience. 

The company has stated that tabs on Chrome will now load 10 times faster than before. This will be made possible with Profile Guided Optimization. This is meant to speed up the browser by 10% so that it can load tabs quickly. The second thing is Tab Throttling which will reduce the effect of an idle tab background.

In May, the company announced the introduction of the tab grouping option. This feature will let users organise their tabs more efficiently and also in a better way. This will ensure easy access to all the open tabs in the browser. Not just that, but users can also distinguish tabs based on task, topic, or more. They will also be allowed to assign colours to the tabs

For users using the browser in the tablet mode will get an easier option to switch from one tab to the next. However, this option will be available for Google Chromebooks.

They will also release the feature where you can check a tab and see it in the thumbnail preview. This will help save time and also avoid loading unnecessary tabs. This feature will first come to Chrome Beta.

Users will also be able to fill PDF forms and even save their inputs from their Chrome browser. This will allow them to resume from where they left. 

Android users will get improved URL sharing features that will allow them to access links quickly and send them through apps. 

Lastly, users will be able to share URLs via QR codes. You can print, download, or scan the QR codes. This feature is going to be available for both smartphones and desktop.

We know for a fact that Google is trying its best to make the Chrome browser the best browser in every aspect possible.

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