The 12 Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Use in 2024


Watching cartoons is a very well know the source of entertainment for ages now. Some people are also a lover of anime and Manga. There are numerous sites now which offer both anime as well as cartoon shows. One such website is Kisscartoon on which you can find your favourite videos in HD quality and that too without paying any charge. The users can watch their favourite cartoons on this website for free. Whatever you watch on this website doesn’t have to do anything with the settings on your device. You can say that there are numerous sites to watch animated movies and cartoons, but the content that you can find on this site remains unique. You can never know how exciting this site is until and unless you give it a try. 

However, lately, the Kisscartoon website has been down because of the high number of users. It offers the content absolutely for free because of which some TV channels were facing issues. Another reason why it is down is the very high traffic on this website because of which the users were unable to search for their favourite cartoon and anime. Instead, they decided to switch on to the alternatives of this website. Hence, continue reading the post to know more about Kisscartoon including the alternatives too. 

What is Kisscartoon? 


Out of the several websites offering free streaming services where all the users can watch their favourite cartoon online. There are several choices and can be availed in high-quality visuals. It is controlled by the Kissanime network and is very easy to navigate through. The site has a great collection of US-based cartoons, animes, and movies. It also ensures the complete safety of your streaming process and you can find animes and cartoons all in one place. One can access this website very easily from any platform of their choice. 

Kisscartoon is a popular website that offers users free access to their content which comprises both anime and cartoon shows. You are assured to find the cartoon show you are looking for on this website and that too in good visuals. All the shows are featured in high video quality on this website. 

Features of Kisscartoon 

Certain distinctive features keep Kisscartoon aloof from the rest website. The features are as follows: 

  • It features HD quality videos and cartoon shows.
  • It provides an experience that is free from ads.
  • It provides free streaming services. 
  • It ensures complete safety in the process of streaming the content.
  • It doesn’t ask for your personal information. 

Categories on Kisscartoon: 

Another thing which keeps this site distinguished from the others and we must check the categories on this website. Hence, the categories offered on kisscartoon are as follows: 

  • Anime 
  • Cartoon shows 
  • Classic cartoons 
  • New cartoons 
  • Manga 
  • Animated movies 

Steps to access Kisscartoon: 

If you are unable to access this website, you need to stop worrying now because just a few steps can lead you to the website and you can access it with ease. So, the steps that you need to follow for downloading content from Kisscartoon as enlisted below: 

  • Check out the home page of the website and choose the cartoon you want to watch. You can have a bit of confusion in the process. 
  • Check the links of your desired anime or cartoon and click on a particular link to start loading it. 
  • When you find it playing smoothly, you can proceed further to download it. 
  • You need to make sure that the video you are downloading is an authentic cartoon.
  • The link has to be copied and pasted on any video downloader application which lets you download videos in HD format. 
  • Once you are done with pasting the link, click on the option to find video quality and let the download start. 
  • After the download is complete, you can find the file saved on your device. 

12 Best Alternatives of Kisscartoon in 2024:

The best alternatives to kisscartoon are mentioned below: 

1. Aniwatch 

Aniwatch can be a good alternative to the kisscartoon site. It features a great library of various anime episodes that can be streamed online for free. Your boredom is surely going to vanish once you start browsing content on this site. The categories on this site are anime and cartoons, new series, recommendations, and a lot more. The database of this website is updated very frequently and the interface is so user-friendly that even kids can use it. Another best part of this site is that there are not too many advertisements popping up to create a distraction for you. 

2. WatchCartoonOnline 

The next site that we have on this list is the WatchCartoonOnline. It is also a user-friendly website that is completely safe to be used specifically by the children. One can find all kinds of a cartoon such as classical and newest on this website. It features a considerable range of content that can be watched anytime and from anywhere without even paying a penny. It has a straightforward interface because of which your browsing becomes even more fun and effortless. The important features of this include its unique content, built-in video player, HD videos, and easy accessibility. 

3. B98.TV 

This website undeniably has the potential of bringing back the memorable 90s with the help of all shows back that were featured during that time. It features a lot of classic cartoon shows such as Robin and Batman, Scooby-Doo, and Tom and Jerry. There is just one drawback of this website which is its limited content because it features only classic cartoon shows which are themselves limited in number. It has a simple user interface and the content is uploaded in a high-quality format. This site is the ultimate site for people who are enthusiastic about watching classic cartoons. 

4. DubbedAnime 

As suggested by the name itself, DubbedAnime is a website on which one can find all their favourite animes in a subbed and dubbed version. One can mostly find only anime on this website and the content is updated very regularly so that the viewers don’t miss a single episode of their favourite anime. You can use this website very easily and can even search for your desired anime very easily. This site also has an easy interface and can be accessed on all devices. It is free to use platform with a lot of exciting features that can provide you a better anime watching experience than the rest. 

5. ToonGet 

ToonGet is another excellent alternative to the kisscartoon site. It also features a wide range of content for the users. The shows can be watched absolutely for free without any time limits. One can find a variety of classic cartoons as well as newly launched cartoons on this site. Some names of the shows featured here include Ben 10, LEGO Star Wars, Loony Toons, and a lot more. All the videos on this site are uploaded in good format and the database of this site remains always updated. Even the interface is well designed but frequently popping up of ads is a drawback that disturbs your browsing experience. 

6. CartoonCrazy 

The cartoon is such a website where one can view different animes and cartoons. Whenever you need a bit of relaxation in your leisure time you can rely upon watching cartoons bur at times it can be a bit tough for you to find out the best site to watch the cartoon. With the CartoonCrazy website, all your worries are gone. The interface of this website is also very easy to work with and you can find complete new episodes of your desired anime or cartoon show. It offers attractive features like HD content, a built-in media player, and accessibility on all platforms. 

7. Cartoons. On 

The cartoon is loved by almost everyone, irrespective of their age. If you too are a fanatic for watching animes and cartoons you must try this site. The content on this website is very appealing. Be it shows such as Loony Toons or the Ice Age and a lot more cartoons can be viewed on this website. New content is added to the website regularly. The interface of this website is also smooth which makes it even more popular. It is supported on all devices running on different operating systems. All the videos on this site are of high quality.

8. Cartoonexpress

In case you are a lover of anime and cartoons, this is the ultimate choice for you. It has a never-ending of cartoons and animes featured on this website. Almost all popular cartoon shows can be found on this website. It has a lot of content which makes it no less than a paradise for the kids. It features shows such as Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora and her adventures, etc. You just need to type its name in the search bar and you get it on the screen. Its interface is simple but attractive. It hosts a wide array of content and all the shows can be watched in good quality video format. 

9. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another website which entirely aims at animes. For the true lovers of anime, this site is the right choice for you. With a great number of preferences which includes Astro boy and Naruto. You can find all your desired anime shows on this website. It has an eye-catching interface. You just need to sign up before watching the content on this site, but the site is completely free to use. This site is a vast database. The content on this website is updated regularly and you can even find the videos you want to watch by searching for them. 

10. AnimePlanet

This site is different from the rest of its kind because on this website you can also find a good collection of Manga apart from excellent animes. There is a great collection of animes on this site along with the newly released ones. It has an easy-to-use interface and you don’t require to sign up for watching the content on this website. It is well equipped with high-quality videos. You can find a wide range of animes on this website which can provide you a very exciting experience while watching anime and cartoon shows. 

11. Toonova

If you are looking for satisfactory alternatives to Kisscartoon, Toonova is worth considering. It’s different from the other sites of its kind because of its diverse collection. Apart from the best anime, this site also offers a good collection of manga content. The latest anime series and movies are quickly uploaded on Toonova, that too in top quality. It also allows viewers to request anime or manga content of their choice. Its easy-to-use interface and hassle-free browsing make it convenient for people to access the site. To access its content, you simply have to create an account and register on this site. It hosts every video in high definition and provides access for free. 

12. Crunchyroll

Another perfect alternative for Kisscartoon is Crunchyroll. Anime fans can get all sorts of content on this platform. The platform hosts varieties of anime movies and series from different genres. It’s a freely accessible platform that allows viewers to enjoy an uninterrupted anime streaming experience. The platform also provides a subscription-based service. If you are a subscriber user you would enjoy an ad-free experience. The site categorises its contents into groups like the latest anime, feathered shows, top favourites, Crunchyroll news and contests, and simulcasts. People like browsing through its contents because they are so well classified. On top of that, the site is always kept updated to ensure that people don’t have to stream the same content again and again. 


1. Is Kisscartoon a legal website?

A lot of users have this question in their mind and the only answer to this question can be that it highly depends on the country you are living in. Some countries have banned this website considering it illegal whereas it is still legal in a lot of countries. 

2. What made the Kisscartoon website down?

The high traffic along with orders from the higher authorities pulled this website down. Yet, it is working still now by changing frequently from one domain to the other. 

3. Can Kisscartoon open on all browsers?

Kisscartoon can be opened on all browsers. You just need to search the name on your browser and you will be shown the results. 

4. Are alternative websites legal?

The alternatives of the Kisscartoon website are legal and safe to use. There are 10 such websites mentioned in this post and you can use each one of them.

4. Do these websites have an application?

Some of the websites mentioned above have an app version to them, but some of them have to be used only in the website form.


Due to the concerns related to the Kisscartoon website, we advise the users to switch to the alternative websites instead of watching shows on Kisscartoon. There are many other alternative websites which can be used and the 10 most popular ones are talked about in this post above. Following the advisory of the higher authorities is recommended to keep yourself and your data safe from virus threats. Hence, using the alternatives can be a better and safe choice and you can get an even better experience with them.


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