10 FREE YIFY Alternatives & Sites Like YTS in 2024


In recent times, torrent movie sites have been acting like a Messiah in many of our lives. You can get to watch any movie or TV show or any web series that you have wanted to watch for a long time or even the ones that have been released just recently on these sites with quiet ease and comfort and also without you spending a penny over it. Yify is one such site that provides you all these privileges. However, all these advantages that a torrent site brings to you are all accompanied by one major downside of it all. 

These sites are illegal in our country. This means Yify too is an illegal site. But then does it mean that you would be deprived of its good aspects as well? Well, no because we have got your back. We are now going to tell you about some legal alternatives that you can use in place of this site and enjoy all its advantages and yet not run the risk of disobeying the law in any way. Excited? Read on!

What is Yify?


Yify is a free movie downloading site. It lets you enjoy movies and shows for free from your home in your own time. Starting from Hollywood movies too Hindi dramas as well as many other movies that transcend the boundaries of genres and languages can be found on this site. It is a hub for the cinephiles and more importantly one that no one would like to miss out on. But the one major bummer do these sites act as the only wet blankets in the scenario. Since these sites, including the one we are discussing right now are illegal in our country, accessing them is a punishable offense. If and when you are caught browsing the site, you can be punished in the name of the law. This is also the reason for which we are now going to discuss some of the alternatives that are legal as well as free and can be used for movie watching purposes at your home. But before that, let us take a look at the bright sides of the site!

Features of Yify:

The entertainment sector is a tricky place to be in. As easy as it is to enter the market it is equally difficult to maintain your position in it. So even though the site is banned there must be some services that it offers for which the people keep coming back for more. Let’s take a look at some of such salient features of the concerned site.

  1. The movie-watching experience is one of the many important aspects that a movie watching site must focus on. Yify sure takes care of that part. It offers its films in various resolutions and top-notch sound quality.
  2. The site contains films and shows that are varied not only in terms of genres but also in terms of languages and the times of their releases. 
  3. Yify gives you the option to either watch the shows and movies online or download them. In this way, you can watch it whenever you want to at your own free time and convenience. 
  4. Handling the site does not require you to know a lot about the working of the Internet. The basics of it are fine to be red the user-friendly interface of the site keeps in mind that not everyone is two technologically advanced in these matters.
  5. The site is quite well maintained. As soon as you visit the site, you will be provided with some of the trending shows and films of the time on its home page itself.

Categories of movies on Yify:

The site has different genres of movies covered up for you. No matter which kind of genre you prefer all which language you are more comfortable watching your shows in, you can always rely on the site to provide something for you that you will enjoy. Here are some of the categories that you will find listed on the site.

  1. Bollywood movies
  2. South Indian movies
  3. Hindi dubbed movies
  4. Bengali movies
  5. Hollywood movies
  6. English dubbed movies

There are further subcategories regarding the kind of genres that these films would fall under. There is indeed much to explore on the site of Yify. 

Steps to watching movies on Yify:

As we stated just a few scrolls ago, it is quite easy to handle the site and its functioning. You can watch any movies or shows on this site by following some simple and easy steps. But where to get these steps? Right here! 

  1. First, install VPN software on your device from which you plan to access the site. A VPN software helps you to create a fake location of yourself on the world of the Internet.
  2. Now select an IP address of a place where the site is in function with legal sanction. This will create an illusion of your location to a place where people can access the site freely without any risk of getting caught. 
  3. Search for the site’s link on the web. This is a step that requires a bit of attention. The URLs can be deceptive as the domain addresses of such torrent sites keep changing. So make sure that the URL you choose is the current working one. 
  4. Once inside the site, there is nothing much to confuse you about how to proceed further. you can either choose a film from the suggestions that the site gives you, or search for your choice of films manually.
  5. To make the last step much simpler for you can also select a category from the site. This will make your search results much more compact and precise.
  6. Now all you have to do is to select the movie and hit the play button. You can also download it to watch it later sometime. 

10 Legal alternatives to Yify:

We have by now discussed the illegality of torrent sites and especially Yify to great extents. We have thus made the problem clear. Now it is time for the exhibition of the solutions. So here we go!

1. The Internet Archive

A platter of movies to choose from and an easy interface to handle, what else can someone ask of a movie watching website. The Internet Archive is a place where you can be sure to find a show of your choice and that too for free. It covers genres starting from romance to horror and even has a wide collection of web series and television series as well.

2. Crackle

A site of the standard of Popcornflix, crackle too is a very popular site amongst the legal free movie websites. It contains movies, yes. But it also has a load of web series and especially television shows that you would not like to miss. On this site, you can catch up with the shows you regularly watch. 

3. Peacock

This site lets you take a break from the consistent superficial entertainment. You can stream anything from news to sports too of course movies as well on this site. There is not much of a boundary in it. Is and when any problems regarding advertisements arise you can always install an ad blocker on your phone or the device you choose to watch the videos from. You can do the same for any other sites where such problems arise.

4. Vudu

This is a movie rental site. However, you do not have to get bumped down after hearing that it is a renting site rather than a movie watching site as some of the movies on the site are available to be streamed online as well. Renting movies is also not such a bad option as they will thereafter be available For you to watch whenever you feel like in your free time.

5. Hoopla 

This is one of the best movie-watching sites that are also legal. It can be accessed from a local library as well if the library has the option to access such sites. It has many firms and other contents both educational and for entertainment purposes. Hoopla lets you borrow movies or E-books or any other such media and watch it for free. This is an exceptional service that some of the local libraries many are times provide to their members.

6. PopCornFlix 

One of the most popular movie watching sites out there Popcornflix is a name that almost everyone knows of. This however may result in heavy traffic on the site. But the huge collection of movies diverse in their origins and times will surely make the weight worth it.

7. Open Culture 

This site lives up to the name it has been given. It has everything starting from Korean dramas to Russian movies. Not only is the site varied in the kinds of contents and their genres it also has a good collection of eBooks and PDF that will attract any book warm out there. This accounts for a huge number of users of the site.

8. YouTube

YouTube does not require an introduction given its reach amongst the millennials. Not just the millennials, this platform is famous to almost everyone because of the rich and diverse collection of content starting from movies to web series to official song videos, along with the ease of accessing them. The site also lets you rent movies just like Vudu. Advertisements on YouTube are, however, a source of constant annoyance, but can be dealt with by signing up for the premium version of it.

9. ZMovies

This site is known for its movies. You can be a lover of Bollywood romances or documentaries all see some top-notch Hollywood romance call, mom, you can be sure to find something of your interest on this site. It also contains many South Indian movies that are dubbed in Hindi and have one of the most growing number of audiences right now. 

10. Kanopy

The library of Kanopy is a sight to behold. All of the top-notch performances of all times are listed on this site. Starting from educational media content to films that are meant just for superficial entertainment, the site has a collection that can offer you everything, but for free! The library of the site has been made after elaborate discussions with and suggestions from various top libraries and universities across the globe. 


We believe that everyone must be awarded their due respect and remuneration regarding the work that they create. Acts such as plagiarism and piracy do quite the opposite of it. Torrent sites irrespective of how great their services are a part of such immoral acts. We in no way support or encourage such acts of plagiarism or online piracy. Such practices are banned by the Indian government and anyone found associating with any such activities can be punished for not following the law.


Is Yify banned?

Yes, the site is banned in our country. It uses pirated content and without a green flag from the original creator of the movie or show.

Is Yify popular?

The site has maintained and retained its popularity even though it has been declared illegal now. It owes it to the amazing set of features that the site upholds for its audience. 

Which of the alternatives are the best?

There is no choice. All of the alternatives that we have listed above are some of the most popular and best alternatives that are legally in function, but at the same time provide you with the features of torrent sites as well such as free access to the contents.

Can I still access Yify?

Yes, you can still access the site. But you will have to have VPN software on your device for that purpose.

Are the alternatives safe?

The alternatives that we have listed above are quite safe and secured. However, it is always advised to consider and debate in detail before providing any personal information on any of the sites.


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