Nelly’s Net Worth 2024 – Exploring The Rapper’s Wealth

Nelly’s Net Worth

Nelly, a four-time Grammy Award winner, is often regarded as the greatest rapper of the millennium. Known for his distinctive style and infectious hits, he burst onto the music scene in the early 2000s.

With his catchy hooks and smooth flows, it didn’t take much time for him to become one of the most successful rap artists of his generation. Throughout his career, he dropped chart-topping singles and albums. Not to mention his memorable collaborations that further contributed to his hip-hop icon status.

If you are a hardcore Nelly fan who is eager to learn about the rapper’s success journey and net worth, you have come to the right place.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.
Birth Date November 2, 1974
Age 49 years
Country of Origin Austin, TX
United States of America
Profession Actor, Singer, Composer, Entrepreneur, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Rapper, Investor And Music artist
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Cornell Haynes Sr, Rhonda Mack
Social Media Accounts:
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $70 million
Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Early Life

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. a.k.a Nelly came into the world on 2nd November 1974. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas, by his parents Rhonda Mack and Cornell Haynes. However, the two legally separated when Nelly was just 7 years old.

After his parents’ separation, Nelly and his mother relocated to St. Louis, Missouri. It was here that he began to cultivate his passion for music. He teamed up with his high-school friends Murphy Lee, Ali, Slo Down, Kyjuan, and City Spud to form the St. Lunatics. 

Their single “Gimme What Ya Got” garnered attention locally, but failed to achieve widespread success. Despite their efforts, the group struggled to secure a major record deal, prompting Nelly to go solo.


After St. Lunatics’ failure, Nelly decided to venture out on his own. He signed a deal with Universal Records and launched his first album “Country Grammar,” in 2000. This album contained hits like Ride With Me, E.I., and Country Grammar.

Following the success of his first album, he dropped his second album, “Nellyville,” in 2002, which not only dominated the charts but also sold more than a million albums worldwide.

After dropping back-to-back hit albums, Nelly turned his attention towards business and ended up setting up his own alcohol brand and clothing line. Not only that, but he also tried his luck in acting and appeared in a few well-known movies.

Personal Life 

Talking about Nelly’s romantic life, he dated quite a few women in the industry. One of his most talked about relationships was with singer Ashanti. The two dated in the early 2000s, but eventually broke up in 2013. Reports suggest that the two are back together and even expecting a child together. Nelly has 2 biological kids from two different women. He also adopted 2 kids.

Net Worth

Being one of the most highly successful rappers in the industry, Nelly’s net worth stands at a whopping $70 million in 2024. A major portion of his wealth comes from album sales, live shows, and stage performances. The remaining income is generated from his business ventures. He has clothing and alcohol brand of his own which helps him earn a good amount of money. In addition to that Nelly also earns money from acting, brand deals, and endorsements. He has multiple real estate properties and luxury cars as well.

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