iPhone SE 4 to Feature OLED Screen From Chinese Company BOE Instead of Samsung


According to reports, Apple might be switching things up for its fourth generation “Special Edition” iPhone SE model which is expected to arrive in 2025. The iPhone SE 4, which is expected to be the next version of Apple’s budget-friendly smartphone could have an OLED display screen made by a Chinese company named BOE.

The tech giant was reportedly discussing the price of the screen for their new mid-range smartphone with three suppliers. One of the suppliers decided not to continue because price dispute. As of now, Apple has not announced any plans to release a new iPhone SE model. For the record, the last model was launched in 2022.

iPhone SE 4

According to a report from ZDNet Korea, which talked to people in the industry, BOE has won the contract to make the screens for the new iPhone SE 4. Apple was talking to three different companies making these screens, including BOE, Tianma, and Samsung. But now, it seems like BOE is going to be the main supplier after Samsung opted out of the bid. 

Reportedly, Samsung Display quoted $35 to $40 for each display, while the Chinese companies asked for $30. Since Apple didn’t want to pay that much, Samsung chose to quit the race.

The report suggests that Apple even tried to negotiate for an even lower price, offering $25, but Samsung wasn’t having it. According to a source, the South Korean tech conglomerate was not enthusiastic about making displays for the midrange phone from the beginning because of pricing concerns.

Among the two Chinese companies, BOE will be supplying screens for the new iPhone SE 4, as the other Chinese company Tianma couldn’t meet Apple’s standards for the screens.

The new iPhone SE 4 might have a design similar to the iPhone 14, and it could include Face ID. It is also expected to boast a 6.1-inch OLED display and a single 48MP rear camera. If this turns out to be true, the 48MP rear camera will mark a major improvement over the previous 12MP camera. However, it’s wise not to get overly excited just yet.

As for when this new phone will come out, well, nobody knows for sure. But rumors say it could hit the market in 2025, giving plenty of time for developments. We will have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us!