Happy 31st December 2020: Images, DP, HD Photos, Picture are Already Making Round here

31st December Images
31st December Images

31st December days are always really special. After all, a mere hours later everyone gets to usher in the new year. On such a day people get to have fun and bid goodbye to the previous year and ring in the new one with their hopes and wishes. While people excitedly wait for the new year every 31st December, but this year it will be really special. 

After all, 2020 has been nothing short of a disaster for many. The pandemic has forced people to stay inside and not interact with others. Even if people go out they have to maintain a social distancing gap of 6meters while wearing masks. Not to mention the fact that many people have lost their jobs this year too. 

As such, everyone is waiting for this horrible year to finally end. So 31st December this year will surely be special. Everyone will finally be able to leave this horrendous year begins and move on to something, hopefully, better. Of course, this pandemic isn’t going to go away right on 1st January. But it will surely represent a mental shift that will allow people to move on. Read more: Happy New Year 2021 Stickers To Make You New Year Wishes A Little Different One.

Happy 31st December 2020: Images, DP, HD Photos, Picture are Already Making Round here

31st December Images
31st December Images

As such, to represent the hope of good times ahead in the new year, many people are making and sending various kinds of 31st December images. What to know what kind of images these are? Then read on below: 

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What kind of images will you be able to send on 31st December?

Happy 31st December

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Motivational images

You can send motivational images on the last day of the year to your friends and family. It will make them happy that you care about them. Along with this, such images will give them the strength to carry on into the next year and wish for better things.

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Note that such kinds of motivational images include someone climbing a steep mountain, candles burning in the night, crackers, bursting, etc. Note that these kinds of31st December photos will have a better effect on the viewer if you can pair them with motivational texts. 

You can use quotes like- ‘may the light pierce the darkness this new year’ on the candle burning against the night photo. Know that you can use the quote ‘may the sound of happiness usher in a new year full of joy’ on crackers bursting photo. Know that such quotes will only elevate the meaning of the image and make it more clear. 

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Memes images are underrated. Know that if you are looking to make your audience laugh on the last day of the year, so that they can bring in the new year happily then memes are one easy way to do that. You will find that there are different kinds of memes available that you can use on the 31st. 

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Some memes make fun of the horrendous year that 2020 has been while others make fun of how most probably this year will never end. Do note that no matter what 31st December pictures you send as memes, the intention should be to make your family and friends laugh. So don’t send anything which hurts their sentiments.

As such it’s better to stay away from those memes which somehow belittle a race, gender, or religion. After all, memes should be sent to spread joy and not hate. 

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Know that apart from images you can send your family and friends gifs too. Gifs are short videos and by short we mean, one second long only. As such, they are almost-still pictures only. 

Gifs are great if you want to send someone a customized message but don’t want to send flat images only. You can put your gifs on a loop so that the message you are saying to show gets repeated again and again. Note that gifs are also a great idea if you don’t have the data to send full videos. 

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You can get gifs for the 31st night on the internet easily. But note that you will also be able to make gifs. Just record yourself performing a short action and then use a video editing app to write the message on it. 

For example, you can spread your arms wide and on each hand, you can edit in the words- ‘Happy’ and ‘Year’. As for the word ‘New’ you can edit it on top of your head if you are going for a funny look. Note that you can also cut an already made video to make such gifs

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Happy 31st December 2020 Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy 31st December Images

31st December Images for whatsapp

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What kind of photos should you put as your WhatsApp DP?

Happy 31st December 2020

You can put any of the images as your 31st December DP for WhatsApp. If you are feeling motivational then put motivational images like a blank page with a text saying ‘it’s time to turn a new page this new year.’ 

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So, there are different types of images you will be able to send on the 31st night to your friends and family. You can send a meme or a motivational image- it’s all up to you. But do note that this year you should try to uplift the spirits of your loved ones. After all, people will not be able to gather in huge numbers for celebrating the new year. As such, make sure that your images and photos increase the enthusiasm of everyone staying at home. 

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Happy 31st December 2020 Photos

Happy 31st December Photos

31st December Photos

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Happy 31st December 2020 Pictures

31st December 2020 Pictures

31st December Pictures

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Happy 31st December 2020 Wallpapers

31st December Wallpapers

31st December Wallpaper

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Happy 31st December 2020 Whatsapp DP & Profile Picture

31st December DP

31st December Whatsapp DP

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FAQs About 31st December Images

Can you send photos clicked by you?

It’s better if you send photos clicked by you as the last day of the year messages to your loved ones. After all, it will signify that you are customizing your messages and value each member of your family equally. However, it’s advised that you send only well clicked, HD quality videos, and not blurry ones.

How can you change the writing in a meme image?

You can change the text written on a meme image easily by using a photo editing tool. However, instead of erasing that text and then writing another one, it’s advised that you simply find the meme template. It will be much easier for you to edit since there will already be a blank space where you can put your text. 

How much data will it take to send a GIF image? 

Gifs are just second long videos so it won’t take much data to send them at all. At most, it will take one MB to send a couple of second-long videos. 

What to send on New Year 2021?

You can use our best collection of New Year 2021 Wishes for everyone:


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