Getaway Driver Season 2 – Has Discover Channel Renewed the Show?

Getaway Driver Season 2

Getaway Driver is probably one of the most extensive crime drama series that’s pretty popular and known for its adrenaline-pumping chases. Also, the intricate heists make this a show that you’d not want to miss out on.

With how amazing the first season of the crime drama was, it makes sense that the fans are quite intrigued about the second season of Getaway Driver. To be fair, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the show’s renewal.

If you are intrigued about Getaway Driver Season 2 and its eventual release date in the future, we have all the details about the same in this article.

When is Getaway Driver Season 2 Releasing?

The first season of Getaway Driver was released in July 2021, so it’s safe to say that it has been quite some time now since the release of the first season.

Has Discovery Channel renewed the show for a sequel? The answer to that would be a no, which is quite disappointing when you come to think of it. Some of the rumors and speculations do depict a potential release in 2024 but even that doesn’t seem like a confirmation at this point.

It has been close to three years since the first season and since there is no news about a potential renewal yet, some of the fans are worried that the show might end up getting cancelled for good. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

What can we expect from Getaway Driver Season 2?

Season 1 left us with lingering questions about the drivers’ motivations and backstories. Expect to delve deeper into their psyches, exploring their vulnerabilities and the choices that led them to this adrenaline-fueled life.

The world of street racing and crime is constantly evolving, and Getaway Driver won’t be left behind. Expect to see cutting-edge gadgets, modified vehicles, and innovative techniques employed by both the drivers and the law enforcement trying to catch them.

There are a lot of avenues that the plot could progress toward, so it’s safe to assume that things won’t be as smooth as you expect them to be. However, the question of the hour is, “Will the show even return with a sequel?”

However, since we haven’t received any official news related to the cancellation of the show, it is safe to remain hopeful for a new season in the future.

Who is returning to Getaway Driver Season 2?

If renewed for a new season, pretty much all the standard cast from the first season will return in the sequel too. This would include:

  • The Driver (Lola Morales)
  • The Mechanic (Ash Rey)
  • The Muscle (Vikram Singh)
  • The Lookout (Maya Kapoor)

Since the show is quite dynamic, expecting new additions to the cast also seems like a possible option at this point.


With so much happening and a lack of news, Getaway Driver fans are worried about the show’s fate in the coming days. If you are sitting there wondering about the sequel, it looks like the wait will be slightly longer than you anticipated in the beginning.


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