Google Maps Introduces Customised Lists, Curated Recommendations, and More

Google Maps Introduces Customised Lists, Curated Recommendations, and More

Google Maps is introducing three new updates to help people when they travel. To give users personalized recommendations, Google has included selected lists of suggestions from the Google Maps community and other top sites.

Another update allows users to make lists of places they want to visit and keep track of where they have been. Google is also adding artificial intelligence to Maps to provide condensed information about searched locations. Additionally, there’s a new design update for Google Maps.

Google Maps Introduces Customised Lists, Curated Recommendations

Google announced the launch of fresh features on Google Maps through a blog post on 28th March. The new update on Maps aims to aid users in exploring recommended lists sourced from the Google Maps community and other sites. Users exploring a city can now access these lists by simply swiping up on the Maps interface. 

Featuring suggestions from seasoned locals and trusted sources like OpenTable and Lonely Planet, this feature aims to offer tailored recommendations. Initially available in 40 cities across Canada and the US, users can share or save these curated lists directly from the Maps app.

Google Maps now empowers users to compile personalized lists of places they aspire to visit or have already explored. This update simplifies the organization of travel plans, allowing users to create lists directly from the Saved tab with the tap of a button. These lists serve as handy itineraries during travels and can be easily shared across social channels or with contacts. The feature is set to roll out globally on both iOS and Android platforms later this month.

Taking advantage of the power of artificial intelligence, Google Maps will now extract key insights from user-generated content. By analyzing reviews and photos, this AI-backed feature aims to highlight the essence of a place, offering users valuable insights when searching for destinations on Maps.

In addition to functional enhancements, Google Maps is set to receive a refreshed design. Expected changes include a revamped home screen with updated pin colors and fewer tabs. Google also has plans to make the interface more intuitive and visually appealing for an enhanced user experience.

With these amazing updates, Google Maps is set to become an indispensable companion for travelers worldwide. From curated recommendations to easy-to-use organization tools, and AI-driven insights, Google Maps will get all of these features. The addition of these features shows Google’s commitment to delivering an enhanced user experience.

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