Adobe Unveils AI-Powered Tools – What We Know About It


Adobe, a leader in digital solutions, has announced the launch of new AI-powered tools that are aimed at enhancing customer journeys across various channels. These updates are designed to drive conversions and improve interaction for brands.

One of the notable features of the latest update is the unified experimentation capability. It allows brands to conduct more tests and identify the most effective customer paths. By using embedded decision-making capabilities and advanced statistical models, developers, marketers, and product managers can optimize customer journeys to maximize conversions. This centralized approach also enables the reuse of offers across different communication channels.

Adobe Unveils AI-Powered Tools

Moreover, Adobe Journey Optimiser (AJO) has been greatly improved to serve both B2B and B2C brands better. The new AJO B2B Edition, designed specifically for enterprise use and integrated with Adobe Experience Platform, emphasizes journeys tailored to account-specific buying groups. This advanced solution facilitates smooth collaboration between sales and marketing teams, resulting in personalized B2B purchasing experiences and increased demand.

Another significant improvement is the upgraded brand-initiated journey orchestration option in AJO. This feature links audience-focused campaigns with instant customer feedback to guarantee the timely engagement of the right customers and prevent wrong marketing communications. Additionally, AJO’s enhancements in web and mobile channels offer extensive support, including message feeds, push notifications, code-based engagements, and in-app interactions.

Marriott International, a top hospitality firm, has fully adopted the capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud. This platform enables the delivery of personalized experiences on a large scale across the entire customer journey and various touchpoints, including the acclaimed Marriott Bonvoy App, as reported by Adobe.

Senior VP of Digital Experience Business at Adobe Amit Ahuja emphasized the unique challenges faced by B2B and B2C brands in engaging customers. He highlighted how Adobe Experience Cloud solutions can address the distinct needs of both sectors by unifying data through the Adobe Experience Platform and delivering a comprehensive view of customers. This enables brands to achieve true one-to-one personalization or engage specific buying groups within target accounts.

The updates in Adobe Experience Cloud are set to enhance customer experience delivery by streamlining cross-channel journeys. With the help of the new unified experimentation feature brands can conduct more extensive testing and identify customer paths for optimal conversion.

These latest solutions from Adobe allow businesses to integrate content, data, and customer journeys to exceed customer expectations and promote brand loyalty. Adobe Experience Cloud remains a trusted platform, utilized by over 11,000 global customers across various sectors.

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