Fintech app ‘Gullak’ to Offer 16% Returns on Gold 

Fintech app 'Gullak' to Offer 16% Returns on Gold 

In a world where people are prioritizing investments, it looks like budding fintech companies are now taking the lead with their new schemes and investment techniques. Amidst them, one such option that’s making the rounds is Gullak, a popular Fintech app. 

But, it’s not the Indianization of the name or the company behind it that’s pushing it to the limelight, it is the returns they are promising on Gold that are making head turns. 

According to reports, Gullak will be providing its investors with a 16% return on their gold investments, which is almost double that of most of the gold bonds and investment options that are available in the market. 

The information from this Fintech app suggests that the investors will get such hefty returns because the company plans to lend or lease the gold directly to the jewelers. By doing this, Gullak will be able to provide its investors with an additional 4-5% return besides the standard 11% return that gold is generating in the market. 

With Gullak, users will be able to lease their gold to the jewelers and earn up to 5% returns on 24k gold from the jewelers. This is the first time that a form of gold leasing is being introduced in the market that’s 100% backed with a bank guarantee. 

Dilip Jain, co-founder of Gullak said that the act of gold leasing isn’t new or foreign. It has been happening for decades but offline. However, with Gullak, users will now be able to make a good profit off of their gold and get assured returns without any compromise. 

The jewelers in question will be verified by Augmont to ensure that everyone’s assets are protected in the process. It also involves 100% bank guarantee and security, further adding to the overall benefit of the process. The whole process is being handled by Augmont and Gullak, especially when it involves jeweler coordination.

What’s great about Gullak is the convenience. Interested users can now simplify their investment journey with a few simple steps. The app doesn’t involve any lock-ins, so the users can withdraw their invested gold any time they want. At present, the minimum quantity to lease gold is 0.5 grams. Gullak+ Gold returns are monumental and are the most you’d get to reap amidst all the investment options involving gold in the market. 

Would you be interested in gold leasing via Gullak? Do you think it’s a lucrative option?