Elon Musk: X’s Longer Videos Coming Soon to Smart TVs

Elon Musk: X's Longer Videos Coming Soon to Smart TVs

Tech mogul Elon Musk has revealed that X’s longer videos will soon be available on smart TVs. This announcement follows a report from Fortune magazine stating that the social network X is preparing to launch a TV application for Samsung and Amazon users next week.

Last October, the platform introduced audio and video calling for some users, as Musk aims to turn it into an all-in-one app with payments and messaging facilities.

In a short message on X, Musk shared that users will soon be able to watch the platform’s long videos directly on smart TVs.

Fortune mentioned earlier that the app might be similar to Google’s YouTube TV app. An unnamed source also mentioned Musk’s desire to compete with YouTube. However, X has not yet responded to Reuters’ request for more details about the app.

As part of its focus on becoming a “video-first platform,” X has been teaming up with personalities like Tucker Carlson, former Fox commentator Tucker, and Don Lemon, former CNN anchor.

Since Musk took over X in 2022, the platform has struggled to keep advertisers. However, it recently announced plans to let advertisers show video ads alongside specific content creators.

In an announcement on X, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk expressed a desire for users to enjoy watching lengthy videos on their large TV screens. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla highlighted that individuals can currently utilize Apple AirPlay to stream videos from their smartphones to TVs.

Expanding its horizons beyond smart TVs, the social media giant is delving into long-form writing, podcasts, and video games. In X unveiled ‘Articles’ on Friday, a novel feature enabling users to share extensive written content on the platform.

Premium users who subscribe to X services now can publish articles with videos, embedded images, and stylized text. They can format their text with sub-headings, headings, italics, bold, numerical, strikethrough, bulleted lists, and indentation.

A follower commended X’s strategic move to enhance its platform and compete in the evolving landscape of digital content. As the platform ventures into video streaming, the impact on online content consumption remains to be seen. “Exciting times coming up!” remarked one user.

Musk envisions transforming the X platform into an “everything app,” promising a dynamic future for the platform’s users.

As X continues to innovate and compete in the field of social media and digital content, users can anticipate a rich and diverse experience ahead.


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