Apple is Rumored to Be Working on a 20.3” Macbook

Apple is Rumored to Be Working on a 20.3” Macbook

Apple is known for its innovation and the unique yet productive products it has been launching. Among its flagship electronic products, the Macbook takes precedence.

At present, Apple has launched its latest Macbook Air and Macbook Pro with its latest in-house Apple chipset, M2. However, the brand has a lot more to unveil. The current Macbooks are available in compact 13” and slightly larger 16” variants.

The latest news report is that Apple is supposedly going to launch Macbooks that measure 20.3”, which is nothing short of astonishing. The rumors don’t stop there, though. The speculations further indicate that the mammoth 20.3” Macbook will be foldable.

So, if you were worried about the portability factor of this new MacBook, there is your answer. We also have to reiterate that Apple is currently in the conceptualizing and designing stages. So, to expect things to be here quickly doesn’t really make much sense at the moment.

If things go according to plan and the developers are able to execute the project according to their vision, rumors are that this new MacBook will be released by 2027.

For the users who are confused about where these rumors have been shared on the internet, it is all thanks to the renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. They took to their X (formerly Twitter) account to share the news and updates surrounding the rumors.

The “foldable product roadmap” from Apple is likely going to start with the Macbook but with Apple’s consistent upgrades, there are high chances that the concept might move on to the iPhone as well in the future. It would be interesting to see how Apple innovates the concept surrounding foldable smartphones, given how progressive Android already is.

Not just Kuo, but other tech analysts, including Ross Young, have also hinted at the possibility of Apple launching a revamped and foldable Macbook. His speculations indicate that the brand may release a 20.5” Macbook sometime in the future.

Since Apple’s largest Macbook measures 16”, introducing a 20.3 or 20.5” laptop in the future would be an amazing feat for the company. Kuo has confirmed that the “foldable” concept is currently limited to Macbooks only. Apple doesn’t plan on implementing the folding concept to its iPhones or iPads just yet, so we’d have to wait a few more years for that to change.

Everything related to the possible development of the Macbook 20.5” version is tight-lipped, so we cannot officially confirm what will happen.


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