Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Announced, Worldwide Reveal Set for August 26

The Next Call Of Duty Game

The next COD game “Black Ops Cold War” is officially announced with a teaser video on YouTube with the caption “Know Your History.” The two-minute-long video gives us the background of the upcoming game.

According to the teaser video, the upcoming Call of Duty game is for a worldwide release on 26th August within Verdansk.

The teaser contains clips from some of the previous COD games. The trailer reveals that the upcoming game will be based on true events.

The Next Call Of Duty Game “Black Ops Cold War” Is Officially Announced

Most of the trailer focuses on Yuri Bezmenov, warning the US about the soviet tactics used to undermine the government. This includes destabilization, demoralization, normalization, and crisis. Most of the video shows the original recorded statement of Bezmenov’s. 

While he explains the details of each step, real historical footage is displayed in the background. You will get to see footage from the anti-war protests and the Vietnam War. This gives us the idea that the upcoming COD game will be based on the real-life incidents that have already happened.

The game is set to be revealed on 26th Wednesday. Hopefully, this will also include the release date. From what we can see in the trailer, the game seems to be pretty interesting. The video has already let us know what to expect from the upcoming game. 

As far as, releasing platforms are concerned, we are not quite sure about that as nothing has been announced yet. But just like the rest of the COD games, we can expect it to release on the major platforms including Playstation, Windows PC and Xbox One.

The sad thing is there are no chances of the game being released on Nintendo Switch. But you never know what changes their mind. For now, we have one more week to wait, before we get to know more details.


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