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The majority of us consider movie watching as an ideal source of entertainment. With the popularity of web series and movies, more and more OTT platforms are being developed to suffice the entertainment needs of people. But, OTT platforms are usually not free to use and some people might not find it viable to spend money and buy a subscription on an OTT platform. Hence, torrent sites come to the rescue. This post is dedicated to one such website called 3Movierulz. 

What is 3Movierulz?


3Movierulz is a website that features pirated movies and other content. It allows you to stream and download different kinds of video content including Punjabi, Telugu, and Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tamil movies. It also enables the users to watch as well as download various movies from its website 3Movierulz.com free. 3movierulz is also used as a torrent website as it uploads pirated copies of all movies. The service on this site is conducted by many anonymous people. It also allows you to download any content for free without paying any additional charges. You only need an active internet connection to stream and download content on 3Movierulz. 

The users can choose to watch their desired movie from the various categories offered with a lot of ease. For streaming movies on this website, the user first has to get access to the web by putting in all the names of that particular domain. Once this is done, the user can freely download all desired movies. When a website gets a click on the ads as well as links, the ad publishers can earn money through it. 

One can find numerous categories on 3Movierulz which is undeniably the most common reason why it is used by so many users. Every content on this site can be availed in different file sizes and prints for the ease of the users. A user can choose which size to download as per the speed of their internet connection and space on the device. Overall, this website offers a lot of flexibility to the users why is why people are more attracted to it than other sites. To know more about this amazing site, read this post till the end. 

Features of 3Movierulz

3Movierulz is a very popular website with a lot of features to offer to users. These features are very unique and can be exclusively found on this website. You must know about the features of this extraordinary website, so take a look below:

  • Available in-app version 

This site is also available as an app version which is not so common with these types of websites. Since the website is not completely legitimate, you can’t find its app on Google Play Store but you can download it as an apk file from the browser. The size of this apk file is nearly 19 MB. The apk version can be downloaded and installed very easily and it also allows you to stream the movies and TV shows live.

  • Well organized 

All movies on this website are organized properly as per their year of release, language, genre, etc. As because the classification is done properly you don’t have to worry if you don’t remember the movie name as you can easily browse the categories and find your desired movie. As soon as the website opens, you can find different columns devoted to films, TV news, videos, etc.

  • Free to use 

This is one such site that allows you to stream and download content for free. As soon as a web series releases on any OTT platform, you can find it on this website for both streaming and downloading. When you plan to stream any web series from this platform, you can use the autoplay feature. Along with movies, TV series are also arranged sequentially on this site which is a very good aspect of 3Movierulz. 

  • Unique design & layout 

3Movierulz is a site that has one of the best user interfaces. The layout and design as well as other features of this site are excellent and you need not worry about how you’ll search for the content you want to watch. The simple layout and design of this website make it easy for even beginners to use it with very little or no technical knowledge. 

  • Unlimited movies 

On 3Movierulz, one can find unlimited movies and TV series to watch and download. You are never going to feel tired of watching these movies. It also allows you to download more than one movie at once. All movies are categorized under separate categories for the ease of the users so they don’t find it difficult to search for their content. 

So, these are just a few out of the numerous features offered by this website. 

Categories offered by 3Movierulz

As mentioned above the entire content on 3Movierulz is classified into different categories to make it easy for the users to browse through the content. The primary reason behind the categorization of content is the availability of a large number of TV shows, movies, etc. Some of the categories offered on this website are enlisted below as follows: 

  • Action

For action lovers, this category contains some of the best action-packed movies. 

  • Animation 

Do you love to stream animated content? This category is especially for kids. The best-animated cartoons and movies are available here. 

  • Science fiction 

If you are in the mood to stream some of the best science fiction movies, this category is for you. 

  • Top IMDb 

The site separately lists the top-rated IMDb movies here. From Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu you are sure to find top-rated IMDb films here. 

  • Dubbed movies 

The site also uploads original movies in dubbed versions. If you want to watch an English film, but are unable to understand the language, you can stream its dubbed version in Hindi or another language.  

  • Hindi latest releases 

The latest Hindi movies are available in this category. 

These are some of the categories that one can find on GoMovies. Besides these, there are innumerable other categories. You simply have to visit the site to know more. 

  • Bollywood classic movies 

This category features movies that are from Bollywood and are classics. These movies are those which are old movies but have been popular all the while and are still in demand.

  • Web series 

In this section, one can find different categories of web series with subtitles in various languages.

Mentioned above are some of the most commonly streamed categories on 3Movierulz. You are going to find your desired movie or TV show in these categories. 

How to download movies from 3Movierulz?

It has already been mentioned above that it is not easy to download movies and other content from this website and that is why people prefer using this site more than the rest. To download movies from the 3Movierulz website, one needs to follow a few very easy steps which are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Open Google on any browser on your device
  2. Input the website name 3Movierulz on Google and tap on the search option.
  3. Tap on the official site of 3Movierulz.com
  4. Next, enter the movie name in the search bar and start searching for it if you don’t find it in the categories.
  5. Click on the film icon and wait till the page is completely loaded.
  6. Select the download option and choose any particular server.
  7. Once the download starts, wait for the movie to finish downloading and save it in the folder you want. 

Just follow these steps and you are good to go. 

Alternatives of 3Movierulz: 

3Movierulz is undoubtedly a very good website and a reliable platform for people to watch different kinds of TV shows and movies. However, due to a few reasons and a change in domain this site stops functioning at times. That is when you can use its alternatives so that you don’t have to make a compromise with your entertainment. Here are a few alternatives of 3Movierulz that you can rely on: 

  1. ExtraMovies 
  2. Tamilrockers 
  3. Jalsha Movies
  4. 123Movies
  5. TodayPk
  6. 9xmovies 
  7. Movie counter 
  8. Yes movies
  9. FilmyZilla
  10. Khatrimaza


1. Is 3Movierulz a legitimate site?

As stated by the reports and other information, 3Movierulz is not a legitimate website because it uploads pirated copies of movies and TV shows for the audience to watch. 

2. How many movies can be downloaded from 3Movierulz at once?

A user can download as many films at once as he/she wants. You just need to start playing the file archive that is supposed to be used before opening the links to access the desired BitTorrent files. 

3. Are the alternatives of the 3Movierulz website free to use?

All the above-mentioned alternatives of 3movierulz are free to use. You can stream and download their content without having to pay any extra charges. 

4. What makes 3Movierulz popular amongst the users?

There are a lot of reasons why 3Movierulz is so well known amongst the users. Most importantly, it offers a wide range of content and several categories which is why people prefer it more over other sites. 

5. Is 3Movierulz safe to use?

3Movierulz is a website that features pirated content. Hence, no matter what there always remains a bit of risk associated with using it. So, take precautions while you use it. 

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