Black Clover Chapter 268 Leaks & Spoilers: Asta’s Mother and Asta’s AMD Connection Explained

Black Clover Chapter 268

There is some good news for all Black Clover lovers. Black Clover Chapter 268 spoilers are out now. The manga chapter has recently been released in Japanese and few other languages. Fans are so excited that they have already translated the manga and posted all the spoilers on social media.

Before you read any further, we would like to warn you. There are lots of spoilers ahead in the post, so read it at your own risk.

In this article, we have posted all the leaks and spoilers we could collect on Black Clover Chapter 268 leaks.

Black Clover Chapter 268 Spoilers & Leaks

So here we are with some interesting spoilers that you would like to read.

  • Black Clover Chapter 268 Title contains the word “Devil” in it. 

Basic Summary Of Black Clover Chapter 268:

  • AMD was an outcast
  • Her name is Richiyu
  • AMD’s name is Liebe
  • The woman managed to find AMD and bring him back to health. The woman also finds the 5 leaf grimore
  • AMD/Lucifero attacks the woman
  • The woman is successful in stopping Lucifero
  • AMD lashes out to Lucifero
  • The woman tries her best to stop Lucifero
  • The woman seals AMD inside the 5 leaf grimore to protect him
  • At the end of the chapter, we see AMD angry and thirsty for revenge. He is even willing to take Asta’s body
  • The woman comforts the AMD by saying that someday he will be strong enough to come out of the grimore

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Black Clover Chapter 268 Manga Online

Black Clover chapter 268 was released on 16th October according to the official manga sources. 

The spoilers for the manga chapter are already leaked on social media platforms by fans. However, it is better to wait for the official English translation to be out.

You can read the Black Clover Chapter 268 for free on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump, VIZ Media, and Mangaplus official platform. By reading the manga from the official websites you can help the creators.

For now, that’s all you needed to know about Chapter 268. We will update this post, once we get more updates on the same. We will also let you know when the official English translation of Black Clover Chapter 268 is out.

For those who cannot wait for the official translation, they can read the translation by fans. They have posted it on social media. 


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