Genoa Hold A Draw Against Verona Despite Their Team Being Decimated By Covid-19

Genoa Hold A Draw Against Verona Despite Their Team Being Decimated By Covid-19

Despite the Genoa squad getting crushed by a Covid-19 outbreak in the club, they managed to hold on for a draw in a match against Verona in Serie A this week.

It was Mattia Perin, the goalkeeper who got infected with the virus. However, he has recovered since then and has also put on an excellent performance in the field. He successfully kept the hosts at bay. He managed capped a header from Davide Faraoni late in the game.

According to news, the virus penetrated Genoa, three weeks ago. During that time, five staff members and 17 players fell victim to the virus. They had all tested positive for Covid-19 at the same time. This was a tough time for the entire team as they had to postpone their previous match in Toronto. 

However, some of them have already recovered but they are still not fit enough to resume playing. In Monday’s match, they had 13 players absent in their team. These players are still Covid-19 positive and are recovering from the infection. 

After the match, Perin said that they had put in great teamwork in today’s match. He also said that they had a really hard time as they have trained very little for the match including him. However, they decided to give their best shot and not look for any excuses. They decided to be compact and try to play their best. Their main aim was not to repeat what happened in the last season.

In the Genoa Vs, Verona match which took place this Monday, both the teams scored 0 points. The match was a draw at 0-0. Both the teams had tried hard to reach the back of the net, but they were not successful. What they managed to do was stop the opponent team from goal and score.

Perin also added that they are aiming to stay up. But at the same time, they need to surprise the fans as well. They played the match for the fans and people who are cheering us on them.

Lasts season Genoa, somehow avoided the drop and had score four points from three games, whereas Verona had scored seven points from four matches.

Right now, the infected members of the team and staff are recovering. They need more time to join back in, while others are trying hard to keep themselves up.


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