La’Darius Marshall Posts Frightening Message And Gets Fans Worried

La’Darius Marshall Posts Frightening Message And Gets Fans Worried

If you have been watching the show Cheer, then you already know who La’Darius Marshall is. Today, he took his Instagram profile and posted a terrifying message that got everyone worried including his co-stars and other celebrities. His Instagram has been posted with a picture of him that seems to be someone who cares for him.

La’Darius became fan favourite after he appeared on the Netflix series Cheers. His great acting skills and personality got people addicted to him. Needless to mention that the show received huge success. However, Marshall didn’t seem to be happy about that as he recollects his past memories of sexual abuse that he had to face in his childhood.

With all the chaos going on in the world, it is hard to maintain positivity around oneself. We are all aware of the racial injustices that have been happening around black people. This has hurt a lot of people and you never know who’s attacked next. When it’s about a celebrity, it is hard for everyone to believe that they might have faced a similar situation too.

Marshall uploaded a short video clip with no voice of himself. The caption of the video showed how hurt and broken he was from inside.

He wrote: He is fading away in his life. He has hurt people and has also got hurt by people. For some special people in his life, he has done everything. Some people are strong enough to get through the end, but his fight comes to an end. When he loves something, he loves it so passionately that when it goes away, it leaves an empty place in his life. 

Right now he is nothing, but an empty shell. He hopes that when you think of him, you are only reminded of the good and positive things that he made happened in your life. He is done pretending to be happy as he can no longer fake it. He clearly admits that he is not the happy person that media portrays him to be. In reality, he is actually a broken kid with scars. He asks everyone to keep him in their memories. Lastly, he says, that he loves everyone and prays to God to bless them. he is tired of hurting people and from now on he will be smiling wherever he goes. It’s time for him to give up.

As soon as he posted this on his Instagram, fans started pouring in their loving comments to make him feel better. All his fans wanted to let him know how much they cared for him and what he meant to them. Many of them even went to the extent of commenting on the national suicide prevention hotline.

Even his co-stars commented on his post while trying to cheer him up. They pour in their kind words to uplift his mood.

On Thursday, he posted a photo with a woman who made sure that he is fine and safe. Right now Marshall is getting the help that he needs.


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