Apple Vision Pro Set to Launch in China in 2024, CEO Tim Cook Confirms

Apple Vision Pro Set to Launch in China in 2024, CEO Tim Cook Confirms

Apple’s much-awaited Vision Pro headset is scheduled to make its debut in mainland China later this year, as affirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

According to state media reports, Cook announced on Sunday, revealing the tech giant’s decision during the China Development Forum held in Beijing.

Responding to inquiries from the media on the sidelines of the forum, Cook disclosed Apple’s plans to introduce the Vision Pro in China. The same is confirmed by CCTV Finance through its Weibo social media account.

Apple Vision Pro Set to Launch in China

Cook emphasized Apple’s commitment to boost research and development investments in China. This shows the company’s interest in the region’s market growth.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s mixed reality headset, meaning it combines both virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities. It was initially unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2023. Following its launch in the United States in 2024, speculation arose regarding its expansion to other global markets.

Recent reports hinted at the potential launch of the Vision Pro in multiple countries, with clues emerging from the device’s operating system codes. MacRumors first spotted indications within the VisionOS codes, revealing support for additional languages beyond English (US).

The inclusion of languages such as Cantonese – English (Australia), Traditional, Chinese – Simplified, English (Japan), English (Canada), English (UK), English (Singapore), French (France), French (Canada), Korean, Japanese, and German (Germany) suggest potential market expansion beyond the US.

As these languages are linked to specific regions, speculation mounts that Canada, China, Japan, Australia, France, Singapore, Germany, and the UK could be among the first to witness the Vision Pro’s availability. It is worth noting that India is missing from the list. This indicates potential market prioritization based on regional considerations and language support.

Cook is currently in China meeting with suppliers, making preparations for the launch of Apple Vision Pro later this year.

While Apple has plans to launch the Vision Pro headset outside the United States, they didn’t provide a specific timeline until now. It is expected that the tech giant will reveal more updates before the WWDC event in June.

In addition to this, Cook participated in the launch of Apple’s latest Jing’an Apple Store in Shanghai. Rumors suggest that Apple is discussing potential collaborations with companies like Baidu to explore AI-related technologies.

As Apple continues with its efforts to launch the Vision Pro in China, it reaffirms the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in the region.