5 Best AR Games for Your Smartphone

5 Best AR Games for Your Smartphone

Augmented reality is taking mobile gaming to a new level. Even though it takes much effort to create these games, they have a simple interface like pokies at https://20bet.com/ja thanks to the user-friendly interface. Getting an unforgettable experience from a mix of real and virtual is easy, you just need a smartphone. We have selected the top 5 most fascinating games of the genre.

5 Best AR Games for Your Smartphone

1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is the first game in the AR genre. In the game, you can walk around real terrain and use your smartphone camera to catch pokémon, which appear on the screen when you reach the right point. The game came out in 2016 and created a sensation. Millions of players around the world got up from their couches and went out on the street to catch cute pocket monsters.

Since then, Pokemon GO has seen many changes: tournaments, Pokemon trading, raids, and even social networking. Have you caught your Pikachu yet?

2. Jurassic World Alive

Welcome to Jurassic World Alive! The game has educational content, dinosaur farming simulator, and funny mini-games. You will have to explore the real world using geolocation and search for DNA of prehistoric monsters.

After collecting enough items, the player can create a pet in his lab, and then train it and fight other creatures in PvP battles. Graphics and animation here are great, and grown dinosaurs can be admired in the real world with AR.

3. AR Sports Basketball

Transform the world around you into a huge basketball court! Download the app, the camera displays a real picture on the screen, with a basketball basket added to it. You try to throw the ball into it, getting points for each hit. The height of the ring and the complexity of the game gradually increase. Sometimes the basket appears in the most unexpected places, but it only adds to the excitement.

4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The game is built on the same engine as Pokemon Go but with its own unique magical features. Its main difference is the presence of a story. Each new player has to become a member of a special unit of the Ministry of Magic and deal with the disasters that have befallen the world of wizards.

By the way, you can meet familiar characters from books and movies in the game. There is even Harry himself voiced by Daniel Radcliffe. So you will enjoy this game, even if you are much older than the target audience.

5. Ghosthunters: Slimer AR

It’s another AR game based on the popular Ghosthunters franchise. A great choice for those who have long wanted to hunt ghosts and cleanse their city of evil creatures. Turn on the app on your smartphone and find spirits and ghosts lurking in reality.

Great visuals and vivid graphics, dynamic gameplay, a rich selection of equipment and weapons are available in this game. As a bonus, this game has a multiplayer mode. It allows you to compete with other users in real time.

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