Most Famous Dog Breeds 2021

Most Famous Dog Breeds 2021

A man’s best friend. Dogs are well-known for companionship as they can be the best mate you can ever have due to their pleasing personality and best friend-like features. Unconditional love. Pleasing personality. Cuddle buddy.

Most owners would concur that dogs make our lives more delightful, to the point that we can’t even remember the time when they weren’t by our side! Aside from companionship, they play a massive role in our overall wellness. From playmates to best friend, they serve as health supporters that improve both physical and mental aspects, as said in this this article.

Being a fur parent, on the other hand, is a lifelong commitment. With that in mind, choosing the right breed is crucial. It should be compatible with the dog you’ll be sharing your life with for the next decade or so in terms of lifestyle, living arrangements, and financial capacity. In doing so, it will bring a significant impact on both your comfort and happiness, as well as for your furry pal.

Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has revealed a list of the most well-known dog breeds as of 2021. Here is the list of the top five:

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is a must-have if you’re looking for a dog who can help you with various tasks. These dogs are solid and robust but also gentle and kind. They are, in fact, many of the most intelligent dogs out there, with boundless affection and contagious enthusiasm. Furthermore, they are the best canine to live within a household as they are people-oriented and have a gentle disposition. They’re pretty versatile, in short.

This dog breed, on the other hand, requires a lot of exercise and training. As a result, you must set aside time to teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle. But don’t worry about exercising because Labradors are easy to train due to their positive reinforcement trainability and high intelligence.

Also, they can be sensitive and may develop separation anxiety, so you should devote as much time and attention to them as possible.

2. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has a solid muscular body despite its small size. If you want a friendly companion in your household, the Frenchie is a lovable, affectionate, and playful mate that goes along in any family. They are small in size and very quiet, making them the perfect choice for city dwellers!

Unfortunately, this lovable breed is prone to overheat and hypothermia, which can frequently occur if their lifestyle is not adequately maintained. As a result, it may be necessary for you to have your home air-conditioned throughout to provide proper care for their health. If you decide to adopt a French Bulldog, you must be prepared to provide for their needs because having a dog is a special responsibility.

3. German Shepherd

The German shepherd has noble, trustworthy, diligent, and intelligent qualities that work well in service. They are known for being a gentle guardian for being loyal and courageous. These dogs are well-performing, working as search and rescue dogs, particularly in police and military applications. Also, they are highly effective guard dogs. Regarding the preceding text, the German shepherd is undoubtedly the ideal pet dog for families.

Moreover, German shepherds have a high shedding rate that you can reduce with regular grooming. You might necessitate doing regular vacuuming due to the hair shedding of this breed. Expect that your carpet would get a lot of fur coming!

4. Golden Retriever

This dog breed has a good temperament, making them excellent family companions. As evidenced by their superior cognitive abilities, you can believe in dog sports such as agility and obedience training. Most importantly, they are highly attentive and protective of people, especially with kids, to ensure safety. More than that, a golden retriever is a dog who is adorable, enthusiastic, devoted, and affectionate; additionally, golden retrievers are quick to learn and take well to heart.

On the negative side, this dog requires a lot of exercise and training. Furthermore, it may take 40 to 60 minutes per day to avoid health problems like obesity (link: They may become hungry at any time, and a healthy lifestyle should be maintained. If this lifestyle does not suit you, you should reconsider or make adjustments. In addition, health insurance is required for this breed.

5. Bulldog


People would probably never confuse the Bulldog with other breeds of dogs. They are physically intimidating with their muscular and wrinkled face and medium-sized body. But contrary to how they look, Bulldog is a lovable canine breed. With their laid-back attitude, they can get along well with people and other animals. Also, they have a good temperament and courage.

However, this kind of dog breed may not be for you if you want your pet to perform a different type of tricks as it may be difficult for them to learn such. Although they’re the type of relatively quiet breed, they still make a great guardian for the house since they are willing to do anything to protect the family members. Just make sure to have them socialize as early as possible because they can get aggressive and territorial if not.

If not correctly cared for and maintained, all dog breeds are susceptible to developing health problems. Always ensure that you can prioritize your pet’s health before adopting them, including regular veterinary check-ups and a healthy diet. In that means, you might have to spend and consume both time and money.