6 Ways Help Desks Improve Your Company

6 Ways Help Desks Improve Your Company

There are dozens of IT processes and software packages that fall under the best practice category heading. Help desks are at the top of the list for most managers, owners, and key IT staff members. In the fast-paced world of streamlined workflow and competitive commerce both nationally and internationally, anything that can give you an edge by delivering ramped-up efficiency, more speed, and accurate results is desirable.

Want to eliminate many of the slow, manual processes related to ticketing? Do you loathe the idea of manually having to log each income issue? Do you and your IT team members dread the chore of manually chasing each ticket to find out the status of the related issue. If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re either already a fan of help desks or are ready to implement one as soon as possible. What are the six most essential ways that you’ll benefit from a help desk?

Prove Your Value

Want to show your department head or CEO how worthwhile IT workers are? Simply run a series of reports on how many tickets were resolved, how quickly they were dealt with, and how many different issues the IT team tackled. Ticketing reports serve as a track record of work done, and done well.

Use Effective Solutions

The help desk log is like a record of solutions. You’ll never have to do the same thing twice if you’re careful to review what’s worked in the past. A functional web help desk with detailed records of issue-resolution means that even a new IT tech can handle repetitive issues that have been resolved dozens, perhaps hundreds of times in the past.

Rank Issues Based on Importance

Even prior to the digital age, managers ranked their daily chores based on importance. That age-old principle holds today, as help desk software products help technicians create a hierarchy of essential tasks, attending to the most vital ones first. That means the team will respond to a system-wide threat before attending to a new employee workstation connectivity issue.

Study Trends in IT Issue Resolution

It’s useful to know what kinds of issues take the most time, the most manpower, and recur most often. IT trends, based on reports from the help desk, let managers spot important trends that reveal crucial weaknesses in workflow design or IT security.

Assign Tickets Rapidly and Automatically

Even the simplest help desk software setup does three things very well. It receives requests and queries automatically, log every issue/ticket, and then assigns tickets to the people most qualified to deal with them. Most companies use at least one software product for this very purpose, and the results speak for themselves in terms of time saved.

Assign Dates for Expected Completion

End-users, and IT technicians, like to know exactly how far along each issue is in its journey toward completion or resolution. The help desk automatically assigns finish dates to every task so that anyone can check the status of a job from the minute it’s submitted to the desk.